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xotic sp compressor review

Xotic SP: This is another Ross/Dynacomp variation, however it is in the micro size (Hammond 1590A) so there's a lot of demand and interest in it. It’s a bit more expensive than its rivals but for the extra cost you’re getting a step-up in quality and some added controls that raise the SP comfortably above its competitors. Good flexibility without cramming the pedal full of knobs, I personally don’t like internal dipswitches. If you’re a fan off Ross style compressors then you should probably go straight to the Xotic SP. This is cool if you’re going for a squashed Country or John Frusciante’s Blood Sugar Sex Magic style sound but can be a bit annoying is you’re aiming for a slightly more dynamic response. Straight off the bat, the SP, like all of the Xotic pedals I’ve tried, felt reassuringly weighty and robust. So it’s great that this tiny pedal doesn’t take up much space. I truly admire that the company has such a high benchmark when it comes to quality of tone. Generally with mini-sized pedals you have to compromise on flexibility. Looking to buy the Xotix SP Compressor? It also uses True Bypass so you know when you bypass it your tone won’t be affected. Other larger compressor pedals tend to have an attack control on the front, as I mentioned above, access to the Xotic SP Compressor’s dip switch will require a screwdriver (I guess maybe you could leave the back off). I’ll explain these later as they’re important to set the pedal perfectly to your other gear. Having one up and one down gives you something in between the two extremes. While it might add to your tone, you’re not going to get as much out of it compared to a guitarist who switches back and forth between clean and distorted tones. The see-through knobs on the SP would look way better if they were illuminated and I still hate the fonts that Xotic use. An uncompressed clean tone can be a pain to deal with in a live situation due to the volume spikes. Having only two knobs does give the SP a very simplistic feel. The footswitch has a nice easy action and the circuitry is true bypass. I would probably call this a boutique pedal – Xotic is primarily a manufacturer of top end guitars – however it doesn’t carry the boutique pricetag of some of it’s more expensive rivals. You can use it to fatten up your rhythm tone or give your lead tone a boost. Live guitarists: a compressor is really useful for live situations to add some consistency to your level. The SP retains snap and brightness which is good on the neck pickup but … I love the thickness and sustain that Ross style compressors add to my Strat’s tone. All in all, a very impressive piece of kit. Some other pedals use a knob to control this but a three-way toggle switch works fine. Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ. Those who have read my review of Xotic’s AC Booster will know that I have my reservations when it comes to the company’s aesthetics. It adds a little extra pick attack – but to my ears doesn’t improve the sound a whole lot really – whereas this little pedal really stands out with clean tones. Placing it in the up position gives you less high frequencies and the down position gives you more high frequencies. Guitarists with a lot of effects: compressors are generally a good idea when you use a lot of effects. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The guy goes through all of the different settings and how they alter the overall sound, as well as demoing Xotic’s suggested settings too. So it has so far stood the test of time in terms of reliability and quality. You can simply set the volume to a level that suits you then adjust the blend knob to find the level of compression you’re after. Whilst there are some great distortion pedals out there, not many get close to the MXR Super Badass in terms of sheer versatility. With my Strat I found the ‘mid’ setting to be best but I liked the ‘hi’ setting with my Les Paul. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The chances are you will likely find one setting that you like the sound of and never touch the switch again. I haven’t yet compared the SP to the Wampler, Keeley or Diamond compressors, but compared to compressors I’ve used in the past the quality here is top notch. The SP has been around for a while so I searched online to try and find any problems other people have had with them and I struggled to find anything. People are always raving about transparent overdrives, boosters and compressors. Based on the famed Ross compressor, the foundation for the MXR Dyna-Comp and Keeley’s famed compressors, the SP adds a blend control and a three-way intensity switch for increased tone shaping possibilities. I went through the four examples above and while each one was interesting, I immediately knew which setting was right for me. For example sometimes I use it on a clean tone when I want to give some extra clarity without changing the tone the way an overdrive or booster pedal would. The overall performance of the Xotic SP Compressor is absolutely outstanding. Xotic pedals are built in the USA using the finest components and it is their insistence on quality, as well as their ear for tone, that places them right at the top of a crowded pedal market. When it comes to compressors my personal philosophy is less is more. If you have a full pedalboard, this is a great benefit. Guitar Gear Finder is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, or, How to get the most out of the Xotic SP Compressor, Ultimate Guide to Guitar Compressor Pedals, Check out the full feature list and price of the Xotic SP Compressor here, See information on pricing, availability and other reviews here. In this review, I’ll walk you through the Xotic SP Compressor which is a fantastic quality compressor with nice features. Based on the famed Ross compressor, the foundation for the MXR Dyna-Comp and Keeley’s famed compressors, the SP adds a blend control and a three-way intensity switch for increased tone shaping possibilities. It’s quite a heavy pedal for it’s small size and you can see from the internal photo earlier that everything is snug. Generally compressors sound best when used more subtly so I if you feel the end result had too much compression, you can easily dial the blend back or simply switch the toggle to low. I like simple pedals and often suffer from option paralysis when I’m confronted with too many control knobs so I really appreciated how easy it was to tailor the Xotic SP to different set-ups. I’m really impressed with the Xotic SP Compressor and highly recommend it. The two main controls on the SP Compressor control the volume and ‘blend’. Compressors have a tendency to boost low volume buzzing when the signal is distorted – and the SP is no exception. BioDriver A Cinderella story. I love using this on a clean tone as it keeps the tone intact and doesn’t add any grit. In this review, I’ll walk you through the Xotic SP Compressor which is a fantastic quality compressor with nice features. I really like this switch, it’s a quick and effective way of optimising the pedal’s sound for your own rig without having to get too bogged down in complicated EQ circuitry. Definitely recommended if you often use a clean tone while playing live. Change ). Check out the price and more details on the Xotic SP Compressor here (link to Amazon). The truth is that once you find the right dipswitch settings, you probably won’t need to touch it again. They never really felt like they added something worthwhile to my tone. But it can get a bit complicated when you start to factor in the Sustain/Comp switch and the internal four throw dipswitch. The two main controls are a Volume knob – with plenty of extra decibels available on tap – and a Blend knob which allows you to mix your original tone with the processed signal (fully clockwise for 100% wet, fully counter-clockwise for 100% dry). Xotic SP Compressor Review. Small (but surprisingly tall), the SP is also the perfect compact size for an already overcrowded pedal board. ( Log Out /  It has the classic frequency response you expect from a Dynacomp type, stronger in the mids and high mids. 3: this controls a high filter cut. April 6, 2020. By compressing your signal it clears up your tone and generally ends up with better results. ( Log Out /  The great thing about mini pedals is that they’re going to be strong by default. You probably much rather have the extra room for a nice delay or overdrive pedal. A subtle blend of signals (just favouring the compression effect slightly) and the toggle switch set on Mid gives clean tones a lovely extra presence and noticeably improves sustain. It did, however, help fatten up some gentle vintage overdrive – rounding things out and also adding some well-needed sustain. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Apparently the new model was a response to their existing customers' requests... Great Guitar Pedals reviews the best guitar effects out there today. If you want to refine your sound you can – either by tweaking the easy to use controls on the front or doing some finer tuning via the internal dip switches. Feb 16 ... EDIT: Maybe do a review on the yellow Moore compressor too? I feel that I could buy any pedal from them, without even trying it, and I’d be guaranteed of something special – not that I’d advise that! Both in the down position will give you the low attack and long release time. But I get the feeling the goal of the SP Compressor is to make it simple to use and to do that Xotic are focusing on less knobs and controls on the actual face of the pedal. The volume knob provides up to +15dB of boost. A word you will hear over and over these days is ‘transparency’. It’s really no wonder that virtually all of the big pedal brands are now offering compressors with mix controls. If you’re a player who needs to adjust this parameter often in a live context just bear this in mind. Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi Deluxe Review, 9V or 18V: Power Supplies and Overdrive Pedals, Controls: Volume, Blend, Compression Toggle Switch, Bypass Footswitch (+ internal Dip Switch). I don’t see this as having any trouble gigging and even the large knobs should be fine as you’re unlikely to be stomping on this often unlike an overdrive or delay pedal. updated review! Check out the full feature list and price of the Xotic SP Compressor here (link to Amazon). There are additional settings that can be altered once you take the back off of the SP. The fourth of the internal switching can be flicked to low-cut mode and helps mitigate this to some extent. However, a downside of compressors is that you lose a bit of the front-end bite of notes as the effect kicks in. The Xotic SP Compressor exceeded my expectations although I do have to say I did have low expectations after using other less impressive compressors. But the chances are you won’t ever need to change the settings once you find the combination that suits you best. Sometimes I use the SP in an always on state to enhance my overall tone. The blend knob is an important feature as it gives you complete control over the overall compression level and how dramatically (or subtly) it is used. While you can definitely use the SP Compressor this way, it’s also a good idea to experiment with using it as an effect that you would turn on and off like any other effect pedal. Many claim that the SP is the best compressor they have ever used – and after playing around with one for an afternoon you can see why. There are other mini pedals that don’t even give you that option. Through a dirty amp or with a gain pedal the effect of the compressor is less pronounced (the distortion is already adding a degree of compression anyway). So once you find a setting you love, you can leave the dipswitches and fine tune the compression using the two knobs and the toggle switch on the face of the pedal. After playing around with the SP I realized the potential of having a high quality compressor in your signal chain and what it can do for your tone. Whilst you get plenty of flexibility via the main controls on the front, the internal dip switch opens up even more possibilities.

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