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My dad was in WWII flying in B17s Although the television version of Robert Altman’s film delved deeper into Hawkeye’s staunchly pacifist outlook, the film did a fine job laying the groundwork for a man in uniform who held life, not death, above all else. “That puts him in the rarest of clubs,” said Galloway, “To be combat infantry in those three wars, in the battles he participated in, and to have survived — that is miraculous.” According to, Basil Plumley operated in more than twenty different military operations. Apparently, in the future, mankind will have mastered interplanetary travel, yet will not have come around to the notion that 20th century bullet technology is far from the best ordinance for killing multisystem creatures the size of a small bus. Asian Orange, Joe Galloway arrived with in the Ia Drang with an M-16. Mr. Cantrell has covered the Sundance and Seattle International Film Festivals, and provides regular dispatches for Scene-Stealers and The Playlist. During the battle the North Vietnamese had 1,800 men killed and the U.S. lost 72 soldiers. If you listen carefully, you can hear it is exactly the same dialogue as when Lt. Col. Nguyen Huu An is sitting on the grass, speaking to himself. As pointed out during the beginning of the movie. As brave as anyone listed today, Bradley just barely missed out on the #1 spot, held down by a doctor who has become synonymous with compassion in the face of cruelty…, 1. orlando bloom, Thank you ALL for you Services and the Sacrifices you made and continue to make as time travels into the unknown. Black Hawk Down cycled through several different A, B, and C-plots to celebrate the heroics of the 160 or so American soldiers tasked with the day’s work. Hacksaw Ridge is almost certainly the product of this enduring influence, and also the impetus for today’s ranking of military observers and medics in film. 10 more. After his tour of both the north and south, Freemantle returned to England and later wrote a memoir detailing his journey from Texas to New York during the Civil War. Soldiers on both sides of the engagement dropped like flies in an unholy orgy of machine gun fire, artillery rounds, and napalm, yet Joe hung in there to the point that a camera of his was actually shot out of his hands. Greg Kinnear's character, Major Bruce Crandall, and Mark McCracken's character, Captain Ed Freeman, are helicopter pilots; and wear the branch insignia US Army Corps of Engineers. He was actually tougher than that,” Galloway said. Lt. Tweet +1. It won’t hurt you. The Forward Assist is used to help seat a round into the chamber and is still used on the M-16/M-4 rifle. I was with the 11th act the Black horse. ‘’Sin Loy’’, RIP SGT MAJOR Plumley, God speed. Forces in Vietnam, known as “The Battle of Ia Drang,” Plumley, Lt. Col Moore and Galloway, along with 395 soldiers of the 7th Cavalry were in a 3 day battle against 4000 Vietnamese soldiers. IN A sense the problem facing the non-combatant in time of war may be said to be one of relationships.In the second century AD, the poet Juvenal introduced into literature the theme of the relationship between the soldier and those (the togati) whom, in modern parlance, we call non-combatants. So, why am I writing this, I’m writing this because it’s almost impossible to teach the love, passion, and courage that Basil Plumley had for this country. A damn fine observer who fell in the line of duty, this guy would have inched a little higher in the ranking if Starship Troopers had bothered to give him a little more screen-time…or a name. Prev Character. Neither Geoghegan nor Herrick would have been eligible for the Good Conduct Medal. This was not on the original variant of the M-16, it was introduced on the next model. In Saving Private Ryan, Wade and his Ranger unit landed on Omaha Beach on June 6th, 1944, got shot all to hell, then drew a short-straw assignment to find and secure a friendly paratrooper behind enemy lines. For Maturin, this meant busy days and nights in his cramped surgery cabin, where sand had to be thrown down to soak up the blood pooling up at the good doctor’s feet. RIP, Salute! By: Jennifer Welsh. Sergeant Major Basil Plumley: Ain’t no such thing today. He later fought with the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment in Korea. Army Aviation did not exist as a branch from 1947, when the US Air Force separated from the Army, to 1983 when a new Army Aviation Branch was created wearing the old Army Air Force branch insignia. As the film progressed, a cat and mouse game of hide and seek played out between the Axis and Allied forces, which saw several members of the friendly squad killed, Deacon included. Proud but I’m satisfied to have participated. When the scene Lt. Col. Nguyen Huu An was telling his soldiers about their final attack, but the Vietnamese quote doesn't match the subtitle. Tom Cruise delivers, more or less, Next post: ‘Uncle Nick’ an unwelcome guest. Basil Plumley enlisted in the Army in 1942 and ended up serving 32 years in uniform. Only time will tell if Mel Gibson has spent enough time in Hollywood’s time-out corner, but if early reviews of his directorial comeback effort Hacksaw Ridge are to be believed, it appears he may have. Surprisingly, Gould was one of the most outspoken advocates for a kill-first-ask-questions-later policy, yet the deeply Mormon Corporal “Deacon” Greer lobbied for mercy wherever possible. Nam 68-71 4th Infantry and Dam Proud This was at a time when a few soldiers were still scrapping, so it wasn’t a small feat by any means to get into the middle of the fray to administer first aid! donald sutherland, An even-keeled observer with balls the size of tractor tires, Galloway nearly edged out this next character, who was (somehow) in an environment even more terrifying…, 4. What a Beautiful Sunset, B. S. I also thought fleetingly that we might all die here in this place—and if I am going to die I would just as soon take mine standing up beside a man like this. A more learned person than your humble author might even quibble with the battlefield tactics portrayed in Braveheart, yet even they would likely admit that the sheer carnage on display in the movie’s infantry and cavalry clashes captured the true spirit of the era. The only thing that kept him from inching higher on the list was the fact that he went to his sword when the fighting got hot, which was something of a betrayal of his profession. You didn’t know Ty Burrell, aka Phil Dunphy of Modern Family fame, was in Black Hawk Down?

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