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since storage space is no issue. which is contrary to what I belief in general. Sometimes the same belief is confirmed by multiple books. Are your TiddlyWiki Zettelkasten projects public? The more accurate belief "Earth is round" would not be helpful. Cycling between a ton of different projects though means I am able to keep a level of high engagement. appreciates email to, Traditionally I have used TiddlyWiki, which has been my favorite so far but I've made the mistaken of having some 5-10 different ones and treating each like a note collection storage unit. would have a negative effect. Maybe another trigger will bring me back with additional input. You can get updates via Twitter @azwinkau. If you are interested I can tell you the format I have adopted for my zettelkasten. Andy Matuschak in this video uses Bear. something standard like Markdown (there is a plugin for that though). It is solved in the upcoming version, 5.1.14. This is an interesting insight because it seems to be a valid argument against Deming. SyncThing replicates it to my phone, until my tension is resolved. Note taking systems seem to be the current productivity hype How to Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens. The focus is on making high-quality notes that are future-proof. I checked the screenshot a few times because I worry what I'm leaking here. I created a Zettel with this title and a link to the discussion. and tagged it $:/tags/ViewTemplate. TiddlyWiki is a great piece of software created by Jeremy Ruston. I don't see a point to differ in a digital system I do not create notes for single words or tags. Knowing how you organize your Zettelkasten would definitely interest me. TiddlyWiki is not perfect. Multiple notes side by side but all using the full screen height. so many beliefs are extracted already It is good practice to keep everything in the same project. a wiki which describes the difference to other systems like this: Here are my guidelines or at least the ones I follow in practice. Crossing the Chasm. I found having all of them separated into different programs wastes too much time and keeps the content from mixing and contributing to each other. At least not prominently. At least, I'm very sure the technology is pretty future-proof However, if you are trying to score a goal in a soccer match, Maybe it works by a side-effect (e.g. I've noticed this over the spring/summer and am trying to be more careful about narrowing my focus and sticking to only 1-3 projects. Linking ties the notes together so they become more useful. All the ideas there were previously being developed are now just naturally being developed as I read and add to the zettelkasten. his Zettelkasten with 90000 notes. For example, the personal philosophy project is getting content added to it because I happen to be reading a Positive Psychology textbook at the moment. The list with greek letters are backlinks, and link it with something appropriate. and are later used to create permanent notes from them. The version gives the choice to update all links to the given tiddler.PS: Even more useful than the single file version of Tiddlywiki is its NodeJS adaptation, in which you can take notes in the browser itself, tag it, sort it and whole shebang, while storing notes as plain text files. so it fits better. Partly insightful observation My notes are not a clean collection. Describing my note taking system inspired by Zettelkasten. and maybe there is not even a consensus. There are many possible tools a wiki which describes the difference to other systems, distinguishes between "literature" and "permanent" notes, Keeping a journal is worthwhile for some in its own. if you have a comment. Use an existing app I found out today that a TiddlyWiki does not keep track of all the tiddlers that refer to a renamed tiddler. @bimlas I actually don’t use any IDs for my TiddlyWiki ones, they are all based around titles. Zettelkasten Great news, I love Obsidian and I am waiting for the Publish feature as well. my approach is inspired by this Zettelkasten system He writes quite long notes and I believe partly because this UI suggests that. that belief works perfectly fine. Zettelkasten is a technique of note taking and indexing popularized by Niklas Luhmann, a German sociologist from the middle of the 20th century. I first considered a transitive relation "competition lowers efficiency which increases resilience". the information is available. He wrote an impressive amount of books @Nick @Massimo_Curatella Yes, same here. Here is how it looks today: My approach is inspired by Keeping a journal is worthwhile for some in its own. which is a personal wiki software running in any web browser. My readers probably agree that the belief "the Earth is flat" is wrong. The emphasis on Linking notes/ideas together. but I don't claim it is true implementation. Some are separate because they have a very specific purpose and it helps organizationally to stand alone, such as the recreation of luhmann's slip-box, which I plan to share after I finish it. Here are a few more example titles: Whenever I create a new note I think extra about other notes to link to. to implement this system. Many of his records were on discarded paper. To fix that, I created a note with the following content Sometimes I later expand the title with something topical, and attributes a lot of that to if you have the interest to collaborate on this together, please contact me at but it gets mentioned a lot. The goal is increased serendipity later. Sometimes, I even add "false" notes. I started with an empty TiddlyWiki so my notes helped to create this association. I’m only new to Zettelkasten, but I already know Tiddly quite well, but I have problems with UUID-based behaviour. Anyways, beliefs do not need to be true to work. Very cool projects you have going on there. They are a messy hodge-podge and never final. Visit the Zettelkasten Project website Which has a quite rich discussion that goes into Zettelkasten. Renaming a tiddler breaks all the links. where I got this from. For storage I made myself a little Python server a prolific sociologist. but sometimes it does not fit anywhere. If anyone is interested I can post a comment under this later what I think of each of the app so far, and if anyone has any questions, shoot away! At 667 notes, I consider it a successful habit now. TiddlyWiki - A non-linear notebook for capturing, organising and sharing complex information. Here is an example: You see the title at the top which is the atomic belief documented here. I even made it slightly bigger in mine Luhmann was a brilliant sociologist (I'm a social scientist). This is an advantage of a digital solution [is[tiddler]] -[[$:/HistoryList]] -[[$:/Import]] -[[$:/isEncrypted]] -[prefix[$:/status/]] -[prefix[$:/state/]] -[prefix[$:/temp/]] -[[$:/StoryList]] I will not publish my notes. I'd consider myself a hyper curious person, so I engage with an insane variety of material. Mainly I am trying to wrap my head around the different apps that you can implement Zettelkasten in. ... Long time ago Mat had a tiddlywiki with the tiddlers looking like a stack of old, brown/yellow torn papers. Some reasons why I have multiple: I see. @luntian you are suppose to connect everything. Have a few projects going on simultaneously. Commonplace Books, Zettelkasten, Smart Notes, and the IMF System Whether you use Notion, Roam, Tiddlywiki, Obsidian, or any other "second brain" style software it’s important to … However, increasing resilience would be good. It came back with "competitions lowers efficiency" which is a snippet from In contrast, TiddlyWiki places notes vertically and thus suggests to keep them short. I never managed to keep this habit going for long. If you could share a bit about how you implement a ZK in Obsidian, that would be of interest. About me: New to Zettels AND Roam, tell me anything I might be missing. so I can identify it better when it turns up in a list of backlinks. Eventually, all the quotes are moved to other notes representing the beliefs independent of the publication. The way you write the notes. Thank you. The reddit community has No links to anywhere, but maybe I will find it again via search in the future At 667 notes, I consider it a successful habit now. Some say only permanent notes are stored in the Zettelkasten. Andreas Zwinkau • RSS Feed (Discussions), Forum Software So I appreciate that my software comes with a journal button might sound weird, and partly satirical hyperbole —Charlie Munger. The Types of Notes you include within it. The pragmatic theory of truth It looks like you're new here. Aren’t they “separated brains” instead of being connected maps? which can be achieved more effectively? I have not read it, which stores it in my SyncThing folder. Also, a browser text field is not really a great editor. this book review of mine. So I don't even try to make anything perfect. In the end, a short reference to a similar note although I should rework that to a TiddlyWiki-Zettelkasten-inspired one. but here is an example: which creates a new note with a timestamp as title. For example, I have a note "set unrealistic goals" My user interface encourages short notes and thus hyperlinking. That's very subjective, I know. in the screenshot, you can find "2020-09-28 23:26:26 promotion". • Legal Info and Privacy distinguishes between "literature" and "permanent" notes. Restricting myself to beliefs I'm very confident about TiddlyDesktop is an app for working with TiddlyWiki files (both TiddlyWikiClassic and TiddlyWiki version 5). You might find something in this discussion helpful. When you talk about a personal wiki in any context, it does not take long for someone to mention "TiddlyWiki" as one of the best and most useful implementations of this concept. I did not think of this when I read the book, Project 4: TiddlyWiki Zettelkasten - Frustrated around my earlier attempts at the Zettelkasten not going so well, so I started from scratch with trying to be really strict in my process; Project 5: Spiral Zettelkasten - this is developing an idea I have of spiral knowledge. DMX - The Context Machine; Knovigator - A tool to create threads of your best search queries and search results which can subsequently be remixed into blog posts, Twitter threads, and multi dimensional, asynchronous conversation. I can delete and rewrite easily. Hi Ibn Ishak,I had some hard time finding active development community.I have currently started a project that integrates AI reinforced learning through tiddiwiky. For definitions there is Wikipedia. Thanks to Andy Matuschak, BTW, he also liked doing stuff cheaply. As these two thought collided, It is compatible with TiddlyWiki version 5 and the older TiddlyWikiClassic. But instead of the various projects being developed purposely, they are just naturally getting developed if what I am currently reading happens to align with the ideas.

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