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Topped with 5 types of fish. Shogun is delighted to bring a small part of the Orient here for your dining pleasure in Tulsa Oklahoma. Baby lobster tempura, avocado, cream cheese & scallions, Salmon, white fish & tuna wrapped with rice paper, Shrimp tempura topped with sliced eel & avocado, White fish, kani & cooked onions, wrapped in seaweed and served tempura style, Spicy tuna & avocado, wrapped in seaweed. This may cause longer than usual wait times for dine-in and take-out orders, as well as, changes in previous operational policies. California Roll . We have tried to make these increases as minimal as possible. Shogun on Yelp. Shogun on Facebook. VSOP Brandy, Triple Sec, and Ameretto mixed with pineapple juice and cream of coconut. SUSHI & SASHIMI DINNER . Your choice of chicken, shrimp, or seafood, Sweet Japanese barbecue. Mall of Georgia: 3420 Buford Drive … A chef's selection of seafood and vegetables, Alaskan codfish and a selection of fresh vegetables, Tender strips of chicken breast, with fresh vegetables. Succulent Shrimp (12 pieces) The Imperial Emperor $24.25. Please inform us of any food allergies. Shogun is the most visited Japanese steak house, click to read customers review. Download FLOWERY BRANCH MENU . Cooked Salmon, Spicy Crab sauce, and Cucumber. Topped with a splash of sweet sake. Fried Soft Shell Crab, crab sauce, cucumber and Avocado. Tender pieced of chicken sautéed in teriyaki sauce. Freshwater Eel, Crab sauce and Cucumber topped with Avocado, Eel sauce. 10oz Salmon filet, broiled to perfection, prepared Misoyaki, Teriyaki or Shioyaki style. Contact Details 26809 Seco Canyon Road. Our Menu. Regular Menu Weekend Lunch Menu Sushi Menu. Udon noodles sautéed with selection of fresh vegetables in a lite soy sauce. Fried rice is an additional charge of $1.99. Shogun Happy Hour. Succulent squid steak served panko or teriyaki style. KATSU FINGERS $7. Tempura style shrimp, crab sauce, cucumber and avocado. CHICKEN TERIYAKI $7. Poached fresh salmon sautéed in a wasabi sauce. Choose 4 out of the following options: Broccoli, carrots, spinach, bell peppers, zucchini, onions, and mushrooms. Topped with shrimp tempura, house mango sauce Onion rings breaded with panko and fried. Topped with Roe. Fried rice is $2.75 extra. A tender chicken breast sautéed in Japanese seasoning and mushrooms. Menu Load More (304) 326-9580; Alternate Phone: (304) 326-9581 ©2020 by Shogun Japanese Steakhouse. (All menu prices and items subject to change without notice.) More. Succulent Morsels prepared to perfection (8 oz) Hibachi Steak $19.98. Shogun Scallops $22.65. Please follow us on facebook and leave a comment . Welcome to Shogun! Shogun on Facebook. $15.80 . Succulent Morsels prepared to perfection (8 oz), Tender New York Strip and chicken combination (4 oz each), Filet Minon and succulent shrimp (4 oz each), A succulent lobster tail and Filet Minon (4 oz each), Mixture of grilled seasonal vegetables. Please click above to check Shogun special menu. Thin slices of beef and green onion stalks sautéed in a spicy Teriyaki Sauce. Fresh Water Eel and Cucumber. Right click or long-press to download the picture file to view if you are having trouble viewing. Tuna, yellowtail, salmon and one inside out california roll and a tempura combo. Please follow us on facebook and leave a comment . Sashimi Deluxe. Mon- Thur3 -5 pm, 8:30 pm … Download Our Menus As PDF . Thin slices of beef prepared with sukiyaki sauce, onions, cabbage and tofu. CHICKEN TENDON $7. Light and dark rum mixed with pineapple and orange juice with a splash of grenadine. Established in 1996, Shogun Japanese Steak & Sushi Bar has earned its reputation for excellence since first opening its doors in Mall of Georgia. Zucchini, mushrooms, sliced onions and bean sprouts. Seasoned white meat chicken sautéed in lite soy sauce with udon noodles and green onions. Salmon skin, Yamagobo and Cucumber. Made to order- lightly battered Tempura apples, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Unofficial Website. Your choice of Ice Cream prepared tempura style, covered with sweet pound cake and topped with chocolate fudge. Monday — Friday 11:30am-2:30, 5pm-9pm Saturday and Sunday 12pm-9pm Ahi (Tuna) lightly seared and served over mixed greens with avocado, crispy noodles, mandarin orange and ginger dressing. Tender boneless chicken breast breaded with Japanese panko and fried. Shogun Happy Hour. The market costs of some items we carry have doubled during the last few weeks and have remained at those levels. Combinations available, Your choice of chicken, beef, vegetable, shrimp, or scallops, Sautéed buckwheat noodle, with your choice of chicken, beef, vegetable, shrimp, or scallops, Buckwheat noodle in a clear broth. Turkey breast, shredded cabbage, celery, green onion and crispy noodles tossed with shoguns sesame dressing. Vodka, Gin, Rum, Cherry Brandy, Chambord, Southern Comfort, Blue Curacao, Peach Schnaps, Strawberry Schnaps, shaken with ice and sweet & sour. $6.95 . CHILDREN'S MENU. 10oz Prime New York Sirloin, sliced and glazed with Teriyaki sauce. Blended with ice and poured onto strawberry puree. 5 pc Sushi, chef selection and a tuna roll. Served tempura-style, Spicy tuna, white tuna & salmon wrapped with soy paper, Baby lobster tempura wrapped in soy paper, and topped with shrimp & tobiko, Kani, cucumber & avocado wrapped in seaweed and deep-fried, topped with spicy crunchy salmon, Shrimp tempura, seaweed salad & crunchies inside, topped with kani, Tuna, avocado, crunchies & tobiko, topped with tuna, scallions & spicy sauce, Spicy tuna, lettuce & asparagus, wrapped with soy paper, topped with eel, avocado & tobiko, Spicy salmon & avocado roll, topped with assorted tobiko, Kani, cucumber & avocado, topped with assorted fish, Eel & cucumber inside, topped with avocado, Cucumber, lettuce & shrimp, topped with Japanese mayonnaise, Shrimp, kani, avocado, cucumber & carrot wrapped in rice paper, Tuna or salmon & avocado, finished with wasabi mayo & sweet chili, Tina or salmon, kani & avocado with spicy mayo, Spicy Crunchy Tuna/ Salmon/ Scallop/ Yellowtail, Spicy Calfornia, spicy salmon & spicy tuna rolls, 7 pcs of assorted sushi & a Calfornia roll, 15 pcs of assorted sashimi, served with a bowl of rice, 18 pcs of assorted sashimi, served with a bowl of rice, 5pcs of assorted sushi, 10 pcs of assorted sashimi & a tuna roll, Baked barbeque eel on a bed of sushi rice, Crispy chicken breasts topped with fresh mango sauce, served with assorted vegetables, Sweet and pungent crispy chicken served with broccoli & asparagus, Lightly breaded with panko breading, served with Japanese barbeque sauce, Served in a sake-ginger sauce with sweet potato tempura & asparagus, Served with assorted vegetables and a sake-ginger sauce, Lightly battered in Japanese panko. Rich, smooth cheesecake, with a slight tangy finish, rolled in a flaky pastry tortilla, topped with chocolate fudge. Tuna, yellowtail, salmon sushi and sashimi. Served frozen. Each dinner comes with Shogun soup, Shogun salad, hibachi vegetables, shrimp appetizer, steamed rice, yakisoba noodles and green tea. A tender chicken breast sautéed in Teriyaki sauce. Thin slices of beef and green onion stalks Sautéed in a spicy Teriyaki Sauce. Shogun Sushi and Hibachi 1227 Crossing Meadows Dr, Onalaska, WI 54650 +608-779-1188 © Copyright Shogun Japanese Restaurant - Web Design by. SHOGUN HIBACHI STEAKHOUSE is a Japanese restaurant and sushi bar located at 600 Beaver Valley Mall, in the heart of Monaca, PA. SHOGUN HIBACHI STEAKHOUSE serve only the freshest and finest fish and seafood from all parts of the world as sushi, sashimi, and in a wide variety of delectable makis. Your choice of chicken, salmon, beef, shrimp, or tofu, A smooth mild curry. Garnished with green onions. Served on the rocks. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum mixed with pineapple juice, splash of lime and grenadine. Salmon and Cream Cheese, prepated Tempura Style, topped with Eel sauce. Shrimp, Avocado, Cucumber and Cream Cheese. Your choice of chicken, beef, shrimp, or seafood, Crispy Japanese spring rolls with sweet chili sauce, Pan-fried dumplings of pork, shrimp or vegetable, Gently deep-fried bean curd served with tempura sauce, Deep-fried chicken or shrimp & vegetables, Pork gyoza, harumaki and spicy rock shrimp, Pepper-seared tuna with yuzu sauce, served on a bed of spring mix, One piece each salmon, tuna, escolar & stripe bass sushi *No substitutions*, Tofu, seaweed & scallions in a soy bean broth, Mushroom and fried onions in a clear broth, Scallops, shrimp, & kani in a clear broth, Mix lettuce & sliced tofu with a side of ginger dressing, Crab meat, tobiko & cucumber in spicy mayo, Green seaweed & sesame seeds in a ponzu sauce, Spring Mix & sliced avocado with shallot-balsami vinegar, Sweet Japanese barbecue. Regular Menu Sushi Menu Menu Load More (304) 326-9580; Alternate Phone: (304) 326-9581 ©2020 by Shogun Japanese Steakhouse. Boneless chicken fried and finished in superb garlic soy sauce. More. Santa Clarita, CA 91350 T: 661-513-0015 Spicy tuna roll topped with cooked sautéed shrimp.

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