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Available for grades K–3, the Select Collections offer books to use in small-groups, guided reading and for independent, partner and take-home reading. Have two students partner up and take turns being the “teacher” to explain a concept. Make sure this account has posts available on

It can be so hard knowing what our students need and how to help them.

This helps transition from broken, segmented sounding out into the smooth sounding out that helps students learn to say the whole word.

Then use your right hand to pat down your shoulder as you say each sound.

Try some of the touch-intervention activities included in my CVC Intervention Binder, Phonics Intervention Binder, or Fluency Intervention Binder. The resources and review tools provided below include interventions studied by independent clearinghouses that have evaluated the existing research on specific interventions to assist educators in making evidence-based decisions when selecting interventions to support instruction for students that have been identified as needing a tiered system of reading support.

For example, circle the vowels, underline the prefixes, cross out the silent letters, or breaking apart chunks/syllables. It gets students moving and blood flowing so they have the energy to think, but it also stimulates parts of the brain in a way that it helps students focus better. Use arm slides as a reading intervention activity for blending sounds. You could use blue for consonants and red for vowels, pink for a phonics pattern and purple for the rest of the word, green for the base word and yellow for the ending, etc. For the word “pin”, I had each student hold up their finger, and gently brushed each finger with the tip of the pin. This situation often leads to intervention as a strategy for boosting the skills of slow or reluctant readers. For example, we were learning the “-in” word family.

Once you’re feeling good about reading intervention, then go check out this post for 11 Effective Reading Intervention Strategies you can implement now. I use it at the beginning of the year when we are working on blending words together. Get the latest information on news, events & more. I like to have the part we are focusing on be in a color that stands out more.

Basically, you give them something to touch or experience for each word. Music can be a fun and effective reading intervention. Rhythm provides great listening cues as well as repetition and tactile/kinesthetic input. With engaging leveled books, fast-paced systematically designed lessons, and a high level of built-in professional development, LLI empowers both teachers and students as together they work toward attaining reading and writing proficiency. The National Center on Intensive Interventions website provides information on the importance of instructional practices and interventions specific to the student’s need.

When I taught the alphabet, I used pictures of words that went with each sound that the letter made EVERY day. It has student characteristics, tips, and activities specific to each area of reading. Explore what a Choice Library is, what's included, how it's implemented, and gain access to webinars, and more. Check out these Reading intervention binders that have touch activities to practice skills. They wipe off pretty easily with a tissue or a baby wipe. For these reading intervention activities, write one letter, word, or sight word on a piece of paper and lay them out in a line. Use play-dough as a fun, hands-on reading intervention activity.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat- “A, a, a says /a/; a says /a/ /a/ /a/; a, a, a, a; letter a says /a/” or with any 3 letter word “a n d spells and; a n d spells and” etc. I wrote a whole blog post that you can read HERE about this. You can have actions already made up, but I have found that they are more memorable if the students help you come up with them.

Below are some specific reading intervention activities that I have found helpful in reaching my lowest sweet readers. Reading intervention activities to use with your struggling students who are visual learners.

Next, for the word “chin” I had them gently touch their neighbor’s chin. Let students roll a die to move their game pieces, and read/define whatever word they land on. It can make the difference in teaching your struggling readers how to read. Slinkies and Rubber bands are great manipulatives to use in your reading intervention activities. **I would just focus on switching the first, middle OR last letter for each lesson, not all three at once.

Here are some fun ideas from amazon! Color coding reading intervention activities work great for specific phonics patterns. Rhymes are another way to help cue students’ memories for vocabulary words, spelling words, or key concepts. Use white boards with dry erase markers for extra engagement!

phrase students can memorize and think whenever they come across a certain skill.


Having buttons to press and interact with is another good way to reach kinesthetic learners. You can have posters hung up on the wall, or print out little cards to put on a binder ring to use as a personal visual cue booklet for students to keep at their desks.

When the light bulb clicks and you see their faces light up with confidence. Have students write their spelling word, sight word, or letter and draw pictures to represent it.

The Key to Stress Free Reading Intervention, Word Endings St. Patrick’s Day Activities.

Make a CVC word together, and then discover other words in the same word family by swapping out the first letter. office was tasked in s. 1001.215(8) F.S.

This is perfect for a brain-break or a warm-up.

For a fun reading intervention activity, use toy cars to drive out the sounds in words.

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