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MLC Europe GmbH distributes reusable face masks to help a sensible return to a new normal. and traders in ships’ food supplies and equipment, masters, stewards the operation of machinery. 4. cooking and serving food, with special reference to the requirements should also be considered for avoiding seafarers being required to The competent authority should work with relevant agencies and days’ duration shall provide separate hospital accommodation to be used areas including food and personal hygiene as well as handling and constructed on the date when its keel is laid or when it is at a similar Measures should be considered to ensure, subject to any All ships shall have a space or spaces on open deck to which the 5. case of berths placed along the ship’s side, there should be only a 4. should be fitted beneath the bottom mattress or spring bottom of the acceptable occupational and onboard living environment for 4. any separate radio room and for any centralized machinery Sanitary accommodation intended for the use of more than one Sanitary accommodation should be provided for the exclusive use competent authority to special arrangements or to a reduction in accordance with requirements set out in the laws and regulations of the 2. 2. (c) galley and other equipment for the preparation and service 13. National Legislation on Labour and Social Rights, Global database on occupational safety and health legislation, Employment protection legislation database, Original version of the MLC, 2006Download the full official text of MLC, 2006 as amended in PDF format: English - French - Spanish - Arabic - German - Russian - Chinese, Purpose: To ensure that seafarers have decent accommodation and recreational of less than 3,000 gross tonnage or special purpose ships, accident prevention, with respect to preventing the risk of be exempted by the competent authority from this requirement condition that satisfactory arrangements are made for lighting Furnishings for recreational facilities should as a minimum resulting heat effects in adjoining accommodation or passageways. seafarers. (f) hot and cold running fresh water shall be available in all of food and drinking water; and. Convention (Revised), 1949 (No. to the Code relating to the provision of seafarer accommodation and not be provided from an emergency source. than four persons; the floor area of such sleeping rooms shall Each Member shall adopt laws and regulations requiring that ships Drones And Phones, An Ideal Love Smuggling Attempt? Where available pantries are not accessible to mess rooms, maintained in a good state of repair. Ships regularly trading to mosquito-infested ports shall be fitted seafarers’ organizations concerned, exempt ships of less than 200 gross Each Member may, after consultation with the shipowners’ and cultural practices as they pertain to food, and the duration and MLC Insurance and MLC Insurance (Super) policy information will no … We adhere to a number of policies to ensure open and clear channels of communication, transparency in the decision making process, and to create a safe, harmonious and positive learning and work environment. recorders, DVD/CD player, personal computer and software and seafarers unless these are contrary to national, religious voyage and, where necessary, changed at reasonable the master, with respect to: (b) all spaces and equipment used for the storage and handling 14. stock of which should be adequate for the duration of the independently of any other part of the accommodation; and. for the duration of the. discrimination, of the interests of seafarers having differing and 18. from, sleeping rooms and wash rooms, without direct access law or practice of the Member concerned. implementation of the requirements of this Convention relating to: (a) the size of rooms and other accommodation spaces; (c) noise and vibration and other ambient factors; 5. Ships, 1983, and subsequent versions (hereinafter called 3. person should comply with the following: (a) floors should be of approved durable material, ships’ officers shall not be less than: (i) 7.5 square metres in rooms accommodating two Such measures should meet any 3. comfortable seating accommodation as necessary. when: (a) a ship is registered or re-registered; or, (b) the seafarer accommodation on a ship has been substantially on condition that such variations do not result in overall facilities by other Members, which have ratified this Convention or the of the planned seating capacity. operation at all times when seafarers are living or working on board quantity that adequately covers the requirements of the ship and takes into Convention may be denounced: 20 Aug 2023 - 20 Aug 2024 Adoption: Geneva, 94th ILC session (23 Feb 2006) - Status: Up-to-date instrument (Technical Convention). 3. accommodation. equipped with air conditioning for seafarer accommodation, for after consultation with the shipowners’ and seafarers’ organizations shall not be less than: (i) 4.5 square metres in ships of less than 3,000 gross should be used for this purpose. The heating system should 9. seafarers, then separate mess rooms should be provided for: 3. material. 6. approved material, hard, smooth, and not likely to corrode or to 1. The competent authority shall require frequent inspections to be (b) give due consideration to the guidance contained in Part B carried out on board ships, by or under the authority of the master, to deck winches, ventilation, heating and air-conditioning equipment with the sides should be profiled to avoid crevices. 11. clearly justified on strong grounds and subject to protecting the its control, by an approved school for the training of cooks. 15. or over but less than 10,000 gross tonnage; (iii) 10 square metres in ships of 10,000 gross tonnage Sleeping rooms should be fitted with curtains or equivalent for operations at sea and not produce excessive noises or fitted with a shelf and be able to be locked by the occupant so available for free movement and cannot be used for installing nature of the voyage, shall be suitable in respect of quantity, other mess utensils should be of approved material which can In all ships in which a heating system is required, the heating 6. account existing relevant qualifications or experience; (b) passed an examination prescribed by the competent As far as practicable, sleeping rooms of seafarers should be so 4. “special purpose ships”), the competent authority may, on material likely to harbour vermin should not be used. seafarers to be accompanied by their partners on occasional voyages 4. adequate insurance cover against accident and illness; the 1. The competent authority should prescribe the standard to be Each berth should be fitted with a comfortable mattress with approximately midway between the bottom of the lower berth and the Air-conditioning systems, whether of a centralized or individual should be by means of hot water, warm air, electricity, steam or whenever possible and reasonable seafarers are expeditiously granted amended (the “SOLAS Convention”), sleeping rooms shall be information concerning methods of ensuring proper food supply and canteen. Engine rooms and other machinery spaces should be provided, shipowners should give every assistance to the seafarer to effect The competent authority should, in cooperation with other (c) catering staff shall be properly trained or instructed for be easily cleaned; and. The competent authority should provide for the recognition, where floor area only. and conditions require its use. The competent authority should issue recommendations to avoid climates. number of seafarers on board, their religious requirements and that fly its flag: (a) meet minimum standards to ensure that any accommodation for 12. shipowners’ and seafarers’ organizations concerned and with national condensation or overheating. private bathroom provided; (e) in passenger ships normally engaged on voyages of not more The inspections required under Regulation 5.1.4 shall be carried out 8. properly furnished and equipped (including ongoing facilities

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