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Open until 2AM with new Menu . Teriyaki Dinner - $9.75 Sushi Deluxe - $18.95 Deep fried bean curd w. tempura sauce Unagi Don Lunch - $13.95 Yellowtail Jalapeno - $9.95 Pineapple - Small $3.45 | Large $5.45 Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside spicy tuna on top Budweiser Sweet or Unsweet Iced Tea. (Crabmeat, shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, deep fried, topped w. eel sauce) Bon Temps Roll Chicken Tempura Roll (5) - $5.50 Hibachi Steak & Chicken - $20.95 Cratbmeat, shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, fried, eel sauce, spicy mayo Hibachi Scallops & Steak - $23.95 Vegetable Soup - $2.95 Exceptionally fresh, food in an unassuming setting and location. Tuna Tartar(2) Eel(Unagi) - $5.25 Hibachi Steak & Shrimp - $23.35, Kid’s Dinner - $9.50 Shrimp Avocado Roll - $5.50 Coors Lite (Snow crab & crunchy inside, mango on top w. mango sauce) Kani Naruto (5) Caterpillar Roll - $9.95 Tuna salmon, yellowtail avocado masago rolled w. thin sliced cucumber w.ponzu sauce more. Box C - $17.95 Good range of dishes on the menu including set menu at lunchtimes. Crazy California Roll Red Dragon Roll Salmon Skin Salad, Tuna Tataki(2) Avocado Roll - $3.25 Beef Negimaki - $6.95 Salmon Avocado Roll Sesame Seed Balls, Miso Soup Sweet Potato Roll Green Mussel (3) - $6.95 Asparagus Roll - $3.00 Tuna Tartar - $8.95 (Shrimp tempura inside, snow crab on top w.eel sauce) (Spicy crabmeat inside, spicy tuna, crunchy & spicy mayo on top) Miller Lite Shrimp (Ebi) Kani, Pineapple It felt like I was back in Tokyo, This family run restaurant turned out to be a little gem! Get it - Got it - Grub it | | +1 805-738-8899. Deep fried jumbo shrimp & vegetable w. tempura sauce Sweet Potato Roll (Choice of: Salmon, tuna, yellowtail or crabstick w. avocado and masago, wrapped in cucumber w.ponzu sauce) Mexican Roll (5pcs) The meal would not flow,...More. Then, the owners got changed and we started to feel the difference a bit, unfortunately in a...More, Quality has always been very good. Sweet Potato Roll (Crabmeat, shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, deep fried, topped w. eel sauce & spicy mayo) Hibachi Chicken & Shrimp - $13.95 Sesane Seed Ball (3) - $4.95 Chirashi - $17.95 Shrimp Tempura Roll 2pcs salmon sushi, 2 pcs tuna sushi, 2 pcs yellowtail sushi and tuna roll Little Tokyo Roll Boston Roll I-10 Roll - $9.95 Eel and cucumber inside avocado and masago on top w.eel sauce Spicy Shrimp Skewer (2), Miso Soup Crawfish Roll Good portion size. I-10 Roll Spicy crab, avocado inside, deep fried, topped w.eel sauce, spicy mayo) Spicy crab, avocado inside, deep fried, topped w. eel sauce & spicy mayo Green Mussel(2) Can a vegan person get a good meal at this restaurant? Can a gluten free person get a good meal at this restaurant? Masa Roll Chef choice on 7 pcs sushi and California roll Kirin Light Green tea, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, red bean Red Snapper Naruto Roll - $11.95 Red Snapper Teriyaki - $13.95, Served w. Soup or Salad. Great local japanese restaurant with welcoming staff. From 54.99. Hibachi Scallop - $24.95 Samurai Roll - $12.95 (Sweet potato tempura & cream cheese inside topped w.snow crab, spicy mayo, eel sauce crunchy) Spicy Tuna Salad - $4.95, Miso Soup - $1.50 Chef choice of 18 pcs assorted sashimi When the new management took over (and renamed it), the food was almost as good but the service was very inferior indeed. Vegetable Soup, Onion Ring To limit the spread of COVID-19 as recommended by the CDC and County of Marin, Masa's Sushi is currently offering take-out & delivery options in addition to outdoor dining on weekends, as we are wholeheartedly committed to safely serve our communities during these unusual times. Here at Masa Sushi - Camarillo you'll experience delicious Sushi cuisine. Thinly sliced beef rolled w. scallion & broiled w. teriyaki sauce Tuna Roll Deep fried crispy soft shell crab w. special sauce TNT Roll - $12.95 Stay until midnight with Late night Special (9PM ~ 2AM) You can find them out in our menu pages . Yellowtail (Hamachi) (Salmon, crabmeat, asparagus inside, deep fried w.panko, topped w.sriracha, wasabi mayo & eel sauce) Kani, Chicken Katsu (California roll inside, tuna, salmon, white fish, avocado on top) Cucumber Wrap (5) Double J Roll - $10.95 Spicy Kani Salad - $4.95 Hibachi Chicken - $8.95 Chicken Tempura Green tea, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, red bean. Ichiban Roll - $12.95 Served W.Soup Or Salad, White Rice, Gyoza, 4 Pcs California Roll And Choice One Of: Tofu Teriyaki Snow Crab Roll Find out in real-time when your food is ready. Red Snapper (Tai) Watch on-screen when your food is ready for pickup. Spicy Shrimp Skewers - $4.95 Pan fried pork dumpling Tuna Roll - $4.50 Snow crab & shrimp tempura insid, mango on top sauce and chopped seaweed salad Balsamic Tuna, Tuna (Maguro) All orders are manually confirmed by us directly. Death Valley Roll - $11.95 At Masa Sushi, our recipe for success is simple – Great food & care makes customers return every time. Double Spicy Roll Yellowtail Scallion Roll - $5.25 Garden Roll (5)4.50, Alaska Roll - $4.00 Eel Avocado Roll Merlot Chicken Katsu ya! Spicy Combo - $13.5, California Roll - $3.95 Salmon Skin Roll Diced tuna, avocado, onion, & cucumber topped with masago and balsamic vinegar, Aged Tofu - $3.95 Steak - $9.95 Baked yellowtail collar served over a bed of vegetables, House Salad - $2.95 Served with two miso soups and two desserts. The uni was fantastic. Cucumber Salad Box B - $17.95 Are the prices at this restaurant mid-range / moderate? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Batter And Deep Fried w. Katsu Sauce, Chicken Katsu - $9.95 Avocado Mexican Roll Hibachi Lobster Tail - $31.95, Included House Salad, Clear Soup, Hibachi Shrimp (2 pcs), Hibachi Vegetables, With Fried Rice Or Noodles, Hibachi Shrimp & Chicken - $20.95 Mango Salmon(2) We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support. Red Snapper(Tai) - $4.25 Salmon Lover Roll - $13.95 Salmon I'm not a sushi fan myself but there is plenty of delicious cooked food on offer here as well. (Tempura shrimp and snow crab wrapped in soy paper) Fish Egg (Masago) The key to our success is simple: providing quality consistent food that taste great every single time. White Tuna (Escolar) Tiger Roll - $12.95 Spicy tuna avocado inside, salmon, tuna, eel on the top w. masago crunchy eel sauce. Spicy Salmon Roll - $4.75 Abita Amber Salmon Roll - $4.25 Sweet Potato Broiled sliced of eel over rice and eel sauce Combination - Small $5.95 | Large $8.95, Served w. Soup or Salad & White Rice. (Shrimp tempura and cucumber Inside, spicy tuna on top) Hibachi Steak & Scallops - $23.35 Squid Salad Tried pork gyoza , chicken katsu and soft shell crabs it’s amazing and perfect with hot saki. Shrimp Tempura Roll (5) Salmon(Sake) - $4.50 Sashimi Deluxe - $24.95 Sashimi Lunch - $11.95 john wayne #2 $14.99. Gyoza (6)4.75 White Rice - $1.95 Hibachi Steak - $20.95 Box D - $18.95

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