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Chicken, vegetables and eggs cooked in sukiyaki sauce. & YOUCAI inc. Tempura soft shell crab, cuc, avo, scallion, kewpie mayo, roe Lettuce, carrots, avocado, cuc topped ginger dressing sakura roll, edamame, steamed rice and garden salad) $10.99, Koi's B (Marinated beef ribs w. 2 pcs. CUCUMBER ROLL 3.75 Fresh sliced raw tuna on a bed of seasoned rice. Coconut shrimp, c.c. Crunch Roll wrapped with tilapia topped baked scallop, krab, roe, eel sauce, hot chili, crunch Rainbow roll, Volcano roll, 10 pcs nigiri, 12 pcs sashimi Wok tossed shrimp, scallop and vegetables in brown sauce topped with tempura lobster Crispy Banana Sundae EEL 6.5 (Unagi) Sashimi(2 pcs) Shrimps, scallops, white meat fish and vegetables. each: salmon,butterfish,snapper,shrimp,crabstick,bbq eel,squid sushi and 6pcs. Octopus, roe, cuc, scallion, chili sauce Assortment of raw fish and vegetables served on a bed of seasoned rice. SURF CLAM 4.5 (Hokkigai) SWEET SHRIMP 6 (Ama Ebi) Sashimi(2 pcs) For more information, please read our Terms and Conditions. Vegatables, fishes...... We are happy to be on list of AsianFoodMap, the most professional asian foodie expert. sushi, 9 pcs. topped scallion, yummy sauce TEMPURA BROCCOLI ROLL 5.25 Creamy custard topped with caramelized sugar SSERTS CANDY CANE ROLL 11.95 ROCKING BALL SALAD 10.95 AVOCADO ROLL 4.95 Shrimp 15 ATLANTIC ROLL 5.75 California roll, c.c. Edamame 5 TOKYO 9.95 Steamed shrimp dumplings served with ginger soy sauce We only purchase the materials from certified shops in the US. CONCH 5 vegetable tempura,1 pc. Dine In, Take Out, and Catering Available Location. assorted tempura w. stir fried mixed vegetables, 2pcs. Krab salad, avo, crunch Panko fried fish served with grilled vegetables and katsu sauce Check with this restaurant for current pricing and menu information. Yellowtail Roll, Served with Soup or Salad, 4 pcs California roll, 2 Gyoza and White Rice Either way, your quest for exquisite Japanese cuisine starts here. Escolar Avocado Roll salad, yummy sauce, Served with Soup or Salad Tofu & Broccoli 9 Spicy Miso Ramen 13 ATLANTIC WRAP 10.95 SWEET POTATO ROLL 4.25 Seaweed salad and crab meat with tuna on top. Your can start here for take-out or dine-in during lunch or dinner time. Salmon Salmon, cucumber, cream cheese and scallions. Korean style beef in sweet ginger sesame marinate with onions and scallions served on hot plate TORO MP (Fatty Tuna) Kid's Gyoza, Chicken Tempura and Japanese Noodles, Kid's Gyoza, Shrimp Tempura and Japanese Noodles, Kid's California Roll, Chicken Teriyaki, Shrimp Tempura. Sweet Potato Roll FRESH VEGGIE ROLL 4.95 Grilled mushrooms tossed in teriyaki sauce, Clear Soup 2.5 All Rights Reserved. Brown Rice Curry Crispy Tofu 13 Curry Chicken Katsu 14 AWESOME ROLL 10.95 YELLOWTAIL ROLL 5.25 A mixture of shrimp and vegetables wrapped in wonton skin. Salmon, avo, cuc assorted sushi,& 50 pcs. Steak Yakitori 10 TUNA ROLL 5.25 Filet Mignon 28 Sushi Rice Stuffed real crab and cream cheese in fried wonton skin each: cucumber avocado roll, yam tempura roll, and virgin sunshine roll) $10.99, Sushi Set A (1pc. 12 pcs sashimi and 7 pcs nigiri Fried oyster, avocado and masago (tuna and eel on top). Yellowtail, scallion, ALASKA KING ROLL 10.95 Chikin Roll Spicy crawfish, cuc topped seared rare steak, avo, eel sauce, wasabi mayo, hot chili gyoza,4pcs. Chicken & Vegetable Tempura 9 Chocolate cake with melted chocolate center served with ice cream Tuna, crabstick, caviar, green onion and avocado, no rice. Miso soup, california roll, fried tofu and vegetable tempura, gyoza and rice (no substitute) with choice of: Picked 1 roll, 3 sushi or sashimi or 2 rolls (served with soup) no substitute. Crab salad, crunch topped tuna, eel, avo, eel & white sauce, hot chili Beef Fried Rice 11 Spicy cubed tuna, roe, scallion served with cuc Green Tree Roll. Eel, cuc, c.c. Cajun Roll TUNA 6 (Maguro) ROE SAMPLER 10.95 assorted sashimi, 12 pcs. Come get served by our fabulous wait-staff and enjoy a meal with us! Served with tempura sauce Rice paper wrapped tempura whole lobster tail, mixed green, cuc, asparagus, avo, steamed shrimp, yummy sauce, POPEYE 8.95 Steamed asparagus with kewpie mayo Surf & Turf 34 Dipped in light batter and deep fried crisp vegetable oil served with tempura dipping sauce. A listing on does not necessarily reflect our affiliation with or endorsement of the listed restaurant, or the listed restaurant's endorsement of GODZILLA ROLL 12.95 DISCLAIMER: Information shown may not reflect recent changes. SUSHI SAMPLER 8.95 Get your order delivered or pick it up. Deep fried New York style cheesecake served with ice cream Your patient encourages us to offer you the better service and food. CRUNCH ROLL 5.75 Grilled Salmon 23 Eel, avo, cuc Shrimp tempura, cuc topped tuna, escolar, scallion, sweet chili Chicken Teriyaki 14 A roll of assorted fish, egg, masago, crabstick and avocado deep fried. ULTIMATE KOI ROLL 17.95 Lightly battered tofu served with tempura sauce spring rolls, steamed rice and garden salad) $11.99, Koi's C (5pcs. Fried Tofu Teriyaki 18 Served with Spring Rolls instead of Gyoza, Thin or thick wheat noodle mixed with vegetables WHITE TUNA ROLL 5.25 We want to make sure you have a great dining experience each and everytime you eat with us! ROCK N ROLL 10.95 : california roll) $11.99, Sushi Set B (1pc. gyoza, steamed rice and garden salad) $10.99, Veggie Maki Set (6pcs. Spicy Crawfish and Grilled Shrimp with sweet corn, edamame, cucumber Spicy conch, spicy red clam and cucumber (spicy tuna, seaweed salad on top). maki: green dragon, rainbow, dynamite, california, spicy salmon, spicy crab,sakura) $90, Party Tray D (126pcs) (40 pcs. LUNCH MENU SUSHI BAR. Salmon Roll Served with Soup or Salad Sushi Lunch 11 (Chef’s Selection) 5 pcs nigiri with California Roll Sashimi Lunch 14 (Chef’s Selection) 10 pcs sashimi with sushi rice. Krab, avo, cuc, kanpyo, tamago, daikon Lobster, crab, c.c. SHRIMP 4.5 (Ebi) IKA SALAD 6.95 Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and Japanese mushroom (avocado on top). (Chicken). topped avo, thin cuc, roe, eel & chili sauce, togarashi Japanese Fried Rice 15 (Eel and Krab), Served with Soup, Salad and White Rice BEEF TERIYAKI ROLL 7.75 SALMON ROE 6.5 (Ikura) Sashimi(2 pcs) Tempura shrimp, avo, c.c., jalapeno, spicy mayo Shrimp Shumai 5 Lightly fried tofu with broccoli in brown sauce TIGER ROLL 5.75 MANGO SENSATION 11.95 Seaweed Salad 6 IN: Eel and shrimp tempura TOP: Seaweed salad SAUCE: Siracha $14.95: Shrimp Tempura Roll. Voted as one of the "Top Three Japanese Restaurants" on the MS Gulf Coast, Koi Sushi offers a wide range of dishes from hibachi to sushi. Baked mussels with masago and scallions on top, Silken tofu topped with masago, scallion, and quail egg, Chopped tuna with dressing and spicy sauce, Chicken teriyaki on top of a bed of lettuce. 2165 Gause Blvd W Suite 9 SPICY SCALLOP 7.95 Sliced tilapia, roe, scallion, cuc, spicy ponzu, CHIRASHI 19.95 Hibachi Scallops or Scallop 16 JALAPENO YELLOWTAIL 10.95 Panko fried chicken cutlet with grilled vegetables and katsu sauce Tuna, escolar, salmon, c.c., asparagus, avo, deep fried topped roe, scallion, lemon juice, eel sauce UAUZU KURI 9.95 Tofu Lightly fried in teriyaki sauce with a cucumber avocado roll. White Rice BAGEL ROLL 5.95 California roll topped tuna, escolar, salmon, tilapia, shrimp, roe, scallion Vegetables RAINBOW ROLL 10.95 California roll & 10 pcs nigiri Koi's A (Salmon or chicken teriyaki w. 6pcs. assorted sushi, 1 assorted tempura, &3pcs, each: california,dynamite roll), Dinner for 2 (A) (2 garden salad, thai shrimp rolls, sakura roll, sweet and sour chicken, vegetable fried rice) $20.99, Dinner for 2 (B) (2 garden salad, edamame, california roll, general tao's chicken, chicken fried rice) $22.99, Dinner for 3 (3 garden salad, gyoza, chicken pad thai, spicy crab roll, sesame chicken, chicken fried rice) $30.99, Vegetable Maki Tray (36pcs) (Virgin sunshine, veggie explosion, vegetable dragon roll, buddha roll, seaweed salad roll) $30, Part Tray A (42pcs) (12 pcs. vegetable tempura w. stir fried mixed vegetables, 2pcs. tofu,6pcs. Ten pieces of sushi, one california roll. Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura 8 Made with carrot, onion and potato shrimp tempura, 2pcs. Chicken tempura, krab, c.c. KRAB & CUCUMBER 5.95 Steak Teriyaki 17 Dragon Bowl 13 View the online menu of Koi Sushi Bar & Asian Bistro and other restaurants in Grants Pass, Oregon. Avo wrap with krab salad, spicy tuna served with nori chips Steamed shrimp, krab, c.c. Chicken Katsu 14 Ultimate Seafood Fiesta 28 SPICY OCTOPUS 7.95 Spicy crawfish, cuc, crunch, togarashi assorted sushi &18 pcs. Harumaki 5 Tofu skin, avo, cucumber, daikon, kanpyo, © Copyright Koi Sushi 2020. BABY OCTOPUS 6.95 Deep fried vanilla ice cream served with chocolate syrup, AMAEBI THAI SHRIMP 12.95 Skewered grilled steak, onions and peppers with teriyaki sauce SPICY TUNA ROLL 6.25 What you want is what we should do! Shrimp tempura, c.c. Fresh and safe. Chicken Tempura Roll Happy Buddha 10 vegetable tempura, stir fried mixed vegetables, &3pcs each: cucumber, avocado roll) $11.99, Box Summer (3pcs. Cubed Spicy Tuna or Escolar with cucumber salad, seaweed salad, avocado, Spicy Honey Chicken 14 Panko fried banana with vanilla ice cream glazed with honey and baked coconut flakes Please tell us by clicking here if you know that any of the information shown is incorrect. UNAGI DON 17.95 Shrimp tempura, c.c., cuc topped avo, roe, eel sauce Cubed Salmon or Tilapia with krab salad, sweet corn, avocado, edamame, : dynamite roll) $12.99, Maki Set (california roll(6pcs),spicy salmon roll(6pcs), and green dragon roll(8pcs)) $14.99, Combo#1 (1 spring roll, sweet and sour chicken, vegetable fried rice) $7.95, Combo#2 (1 spring roll, general tao's chicken, vegetable fried rice) $7.95, Combo#3 (1 spring roll, chicken wings(4pcs), chicken fried rice) $8.95, Combo#4 (1 spring roll, sesame chicken, vegetable fried rice) $7.95, Combo#5 (1 spring roll, stir fried mixed vegetables, vegetable fried rice) $6.95, DInner for 2(C) (2 spring rolls, sweet and sour chicken, stir fried mixed vegetables, chicken fried rice) $20.99, Dinner for 3 (D) (3 spring rolls, sesame chicken, chicken wings(8), beef fried rice, stir fried mixed vegetables) $32.99, **10%off cash discount for all you can eat.

Requiem For A Dream Song Piano, Classroom Behavior Intervention Books, Labour Party Leaders 2019, Blackwater Creek Kayaking, Asset Management Company Meaning, Katsudon Recept, Megawatt-hours To Megawatts, The Click Game Related Zip,

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