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Her parents were devout Catholics; her father was a retired public works officer and her mother a homemaker. He later recalled that Kirsten was calm and talkative, speaking of school activities and her social life. [1][2], The daughter of affluent parents, Arthur and Berit Costas, she and her brother, Peter, grew up in the small suburban town of Orinda, California. Kirsten Marina Costas (July 23, 1968 – June 23, 1984) was an American high school student who was murdered by her classmate, Bernadette Protti, in June 1984. “Me,” she told them. [3] At the Costas home, Arnold, sitting in his car, saw Protti attack Costas. Homicide was not common in their safe hamlet, especially a brutal attack on a teen girl. The Costas family said Protti’s parents should have known of her dangerous tendencies. [2] At the Costas home, Arnold, sitting in his car, saw Protti attack Costas. It took the police almost six months to find Costas' killer. She also said that she was embarrassed by her family’s socio-economic standing and Kirsten’s comments on the same. It didn’t happen. The only daughter of affluent parents, Kirsten was petite with dark, wavy hair she wore in a cute, short style of the time. Those who have whisper of a possibility that Bernadette had propositioned Kirsten, leading to gay panic, something very real back in 1984 where lesbianism was something unusual, to be feared and/or mocked. As she fell to the ground, Bernadette stabbed her twice in the back before running to her car and quickly taking off. [2] When Costas could not reach her parents by telephone, Alex Arnold drove her home, noticing that a Pinto–the Protti family's car–was following them. [2] Costas attended Miramonte High School, and was a member of the school's varsity swim team and the cheerleading squad. [3] Costas attended Miramonte High School, and was a member of the school's varsity swim team and the cheerleading squad. When Kirsten ran to the car, after the honk in the driveway, she was surely disappointed to see Bernadette rather than one of her usual peers. He then notified the detectives. She also begged her parents to still love her. [9] It was remade by Lifetime as a 2019 television movie, starring Aubrey Peeples as Bridget Moretti and Sarah Dugdale as Kelli Locke, characters based on Protti and Costas, respectively. [10] It was remade by Lifetime as a 2019 television movie, starring Aubrey Peeples as Bridget Moretti and Sarah Dugdale as Kelli Locke playing characters based on Protti and Costas, respectively, with Kellie Martin also appearing.Costas' murder was featured in Season 5 of Deadly Women. As to whether Bernadette planned to kill Kirsten that June night, it’s impossible to say with certainty. She was also permitted entry in the Bobbies, also alongside Kirsten. Would Bernadette, a girl so desperate to be popular and so keenly aware of appearances — especially in the image-conscious 1980s — plan to attend a party in track pants and faded jacket? Kirsten, however, had no desire to be friends with the wannabe and follower. Bernadette, who had watched Kirsten leave the car and enter the Arnold home, now followed them back to Orinda. She didn’t know — how could she? Kirsten had gotten to her feet and staggered to her neighbor’s house, banging on the front door. Bernadette failed in all these missions. She asked if she could use their phone to call her parents, something that was readily agreed to. Unlike her classmate, Bernadette came from an overtaxed family, the youngest of six children. While she didn’t give out her name, she said she would pick Kirsten up for the dinner around 8:30 p.m. Bernadette told her parents she had a babysitting job that Saturday night and would need the car. After speaking with an FBI officer who informed her that her arrest was imminent and that they knew she killed Kirsten, Protti wrote her mother a letter in which she made a full confession. Cookie policy. [citation needed], The Costas family left Orinda and moved to Hawaii in 1986. She did get a job in the student office alongside Kirsten, resulting in the popular girl asking Bernadette to do her friends favors. The Costas family also believes that Bernadette had no intention of taking Kirsten to the party that night, citing her attire. One, by Marcy Playground, is called “Death of a Cheerleader.” The other is (unbelievably) called “Bernadette Protti” and is performed by Seeing Means More. Alexander Arnold, who had remained in his car to see Kirsten safely into a house, had seen a figure rush the teen, heard an altercation and seen Kirsten fall. In 1994, the story was made into a television movie entitled A Friend to Die For (also known as Death of a Cheerleader), with Tori Spelling as Stacy Lockwood, a character based on Kirsten Costas and Kellie Martin as Angela Delvecchio, a character based on Bernadette Protti. Her panic and anger increased with each mile, as she figured that Kirsten would revel in gossiping about her to the other popular kids. [8], American filmmaker James Benning covered the aftermath of the murder in his 1987 documentary Landscape Suicide.[9]. Bernadette grabbed the knife from the car and met Kirsten on the lawn of her neighbor’s house. Martin’s character, petite and brunette, was portrayed sympathetically; Spelling’s character, taller and blonde, was seen as a mean, vicious yet popular girl who may have deserved what she got. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Kirsten Ma­rina Costas (July 23, 1968 – June 23, 1984) was an Amer­i­can high school stu­dent who was mur­dered by her class­mate, Bernadette Protti, in June 1984. Take a look, Orwell was not always right: in defense of the passive voice, ‘Ironheart,’ ‘Infinite Dark,’ and ‘The Wicked + The Divine: The Funnies’: New Comic Day Joy, What Ruth Bader Ginsburg Taught Us as We Documented Her Life’s Story, That Time Jenny Mollen and Jason Biggs Tried to Set Boundaries…. He didn’t know that Kirsten Costas had been fatally assaulted. Have you seen the made-for-television movie? And so she began to follow in Kirsten’s footsteps. NFL players Ken Dorsey, Bryan Barker, and Drew Bennett and Olympian Heather Petri all call Miramonte their alma mater. For Bernadette Protti, a teen girl with debilitating self-esteem, Kirsten’s refusal of her friendship, after cracks on her appearance, would have been devastating. Kirsten flat out refused to attend a party in which she hadn’t truly been invited, leading Bernadette to protest that Kirsten was going to “spoil everything,” to which the popular girl responded there was never anything to spoil. With no answer at the Costas residence, as everyone was out, Alex Arnold offered to drive her home. [3] Protti passed a lie detector test, but her alibi went unverified. [3] The Costases did not believe Protti's story – they asserted that nobody would use a butcher knife to slice tomatoes and that Protti, casually dressed on that evening, never intended to take Kirsten to a party but had planned to murder her. Once the note was read, the Prottis hauled ass to Miramonte, picked up their daughter and took her to the police station. He asked Kirsten who had stabbed her but reportedly the only thing she said was that she couldn’t breathe. In 1984, Kirsten Costas was a popular sophomore at Miramonte. Meanwhile, Bernadette had arrived home around 10 p.m. Bernadette then left the letter with her mother, asking her to wait 30 minutes before reading it, and headed to school. A new school year started, one without Kirsten Costas. — that the Orinda police had contacted the FBI to request a profile on the person who murdered Kirsten. Kirsten wanted to be a member of the Year Book committee, so did Bernadette. Her confession, recorded at that time, had a tearful Bernadette stating she felt inferior to the popular and confident Kirsten. A planned ski trip ended disastrously for Bernadette. If she had been concerned about her interaction with Bernadette, she didn’t show it. Miramonte High School, the only public high school in Orinda, not only produces academics but athletes. Instead, Bernadette wrote her parents a letter in which she confessed to killing Kirsten. [7], American filmmaker James Benning covered the aftermath of the murder in his 1987 documentary Landscape Suicide.

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