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In 1854 he formed a partnership with New York investor Stephen K. Fowler, who advanced $6,000 to purchase cattle. Navajo Chief Manuelito resisted the Long Walk to the Bosque Redondo Reservation at Fort Sumner in 1864, but he joined the tribe with his band on the reservation in 1866. In 1867 Goodnight and Loving drove their herd of longhorns from Ben Ficklin, in Tom Green County, to Horsehead Crossing on the old Butterfield stage mail trail. When he built his house at South Spring Ranch near Roswell, John Chisum reportedly included verandas in front and back so he could sit in the shade and a separate room in the back for his cowboys to dance so they wouldn’t “beat up my Axminster carpets with their boots.”. Ending his partnership with Fowler, Chisum moved toward the Concho River country. This is the cattle trail he used in the 1860s, not to be confused with the Chisholm Trail, which also crossed the Concho River nearby. Young John’s first job was as a store clerk in Paris, Texas, followed by operating several small grocery stores. In a small park in Paris, Texas, Chisum rests alongside his parents, Lucinda, who died in 1837, and Claiborne, who died in 1857. John S. Chisum carved an empire across the Southwest. Saddle worn.”. On the other hand, Chisum gets his own bronze in Roswell. Fact and fiction surround Chisum’s involvement in the famous Lincoln County War. Does anybody know? John Chisum … In this Lincoln County War the outlaw Billy the Kid was rumored to be in Chisum's employ. If you need something more substantial than roadside markers for your history, head to Denton and the Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum, located on the first floor of the 1896 courthouse. Another View of the Chisum Statue. Saddle worn. Chisum wound up at Eureka Springs—a charming little Ozarks town—but not to shop for antiques or crafts. The bronze by Robert Summers was dedicated in 2003. John Chisum! He came to Eureka Springs hoping for a miracle cure. “Chisum! The next year Chisum was elected clerk of Lamar County, and he served in that post from 1852 to 1854. By 1837 he was in Texas. His parents were cousins. Settling in Artesia in 1890, she would be a major player in real estate, serve as postmistress, run a boardinghouse, help the sick, befriend children and develop businesses. He started a ranch there in the Bosque Grande, about 40 miles south of Fort Sumner. Places to Visit: Artesia Historical Society and Art Center (Artesia, NM): After visiting the museum, take a walking tour of the city’s bronzes, including The Trail Boss (above). He was a central figure in the so-called Lincoln County war, along with William Bonney (Billy the Kid) and Pat Garrett. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. It was in this time period Chisum established his headquarters at Bosque Grande, named for the straggling grove of cottonwood trees nearby. So keep riding toward the Pecos to find where you belong.”. John Chisum's South Springs Ranch. Mex., in 1867. He is remembered for his work in films like The Alamo and True Grit. Employing a hundred cowboys to handle 80,000 head, he became known as the "Pecos Valley Cattle King.". 1962); Frederick W. Nolan, ed., The Life and Death of John Henry Tunstall: The Letters, Diaries and Adventures of an Itinerant Englishman (1965); and Maurice Garland Fulton, History of the Lincoln County War, edited by Robert N. Mullin (1968). A post shared by John Wayne "The Duke" (@johnwayneofficial) on Jul 29, 2020 at 3:30pm … Weary. Chisum was a cattle baron and large land holder in New Mexico during the mid 1800s. He marked the left ear of his cattle by inserting a knife in the middle of the calf’s ear and cutting straight to the tip. Johnny D. Boggs figures that Andy Fenady used the “River Red” line as a tribute to John Wayne’s classic movie Red River—or because South Spring River doesn’t rhyme with “said.”, – All photos by By Johnny D. Boggs unless otherwise noted –, – Courtesy Robert G. McCubbin Collection –, Robert DeArment, the dean of outlaw-lawman historians, is still producing remarkable books at the age…, The Apache Kid is one of the most mysterious figures in Old West history. UFO Museum and Research Center sits on Main Street, but this is a cosmopolitan city. A Statue of John Chisum. This photo was taken further away from the actual statue, giving a wider shot and showing more of Roswell itself. By 1867, his ranch was headquartered at Bosque Grande, about 35 miles north of Roswell. Last May, the local VFW Post put on “John Chisum Days” at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds. After the death of Tunstall in 1878, Chisum took down the adobe house, and built a new home at South Spring Ranch, which would be his final home. So here I am, in Texas, not far from that Red River, when suddenly it hits me. Pea Ridge National Military Park (Garfield, AR): See the site of the 1862 Civil War battlefield. During thee years, Chisum provided a home in Bonham, Texas, and financial support, for two daughters he had with former slave Jensie. Though highly entertaining, Chisum isn’t a classic movie, and Fenady’s probably better known for the theme song “Johnny Yuma” for his TV hit The Rebel, but Chisum—Fenady also produced and wrote the screenplay—has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. John Chisum was born on his grandfather's plantation in western Tennessee on Aug. 16, 1824. And at the Paris Public Library, Jerry Bywaters painted a three by six-foot mural as part of the Public Works of Art Project back in 1934. Will you hark to what they’ve said? The Roswell Museum and Art Center includes works by Peter Hurd and Georgia O’Keeffe, but my favorite gallery is the West of Beyond collection. Among the more recent are William A. Keleher, The Fabulous Frontier: Twelve New Mexico Items (1945; rev. Contact him at jlackey@wcc.net. A year later the partnership's cattle herd numbered 1,200 head, and operated from Denton County. By 1860 Chisum’s share was valued at $50,000. Every time I think of John Simpson Chisum, I think of the 1970 John Wayne movie Chisum, and Andrew J. Fenady’s theme song. John Chisum never married. She left Artesia in 1919, and died in Roswell in 1934. John Wayne played the lead role of John Chisum in the film Chisum. At 28 he became county clerk and began speculating in real estate in the surrounding counties. But Paris is where the John Chisum story begins, even if he was born in Tennessee in 1824. He called his operation The Long Rail after his brand – a horizontal line across the side of his cows. Celebrations & Events: Lamar County Crime Stoppers Rodeo, June 2015 (Paris); Old Fort Days, June 2015 (Fort Sumner, NM); Old Lincoln Days, August 2015 (Lincoln, NM); Eastern New Mexico State Fair, October 2015 (Roswell, NM). He is an actor from Los Angeles who has worked in a wide range of films and has also received various awards for his work in the industry. Cattle baron John Chisum’s influence on the economy and politics of the New Mexico Territory in the 1860s and 1870s extended to the halls of the Palace of the Governors (above) in Santa Fe when Lew Wallace was territorial governor and Chisum found himself embroiled in the bloody Lincoln County War. Many aspects of Chisum's career have been subject to debate. Become a TSHA Member Today » No thank you, I am not interested in joining. The John Wayne movie makes much ado about the bitter feud between Alexander McSween, John Tunstall and Lawrence Murphy, as well as Billy the Kid and Sheriff Pat Garrett. While Chisum never owned land in Concho County, he did erect several buildings on property where he set up a camp, which was owned in the 1960s by W.G. Located across from the county courthouse on the Roswell Pioneer Plaza, the bronze, also sculpted by Summers, was dedicated in 1999. You’ve won a hundred battles. After he died in 1884, he was buried here, resting beside his parents, Claiborne and Lucinda. Lodging: The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel (Fort Worth, TX); Burnt Well Guest Ranch (Roswell, NM); Hotel La Fonda (Santa Fe, NM); Skirvin Hilton Hotel (Oklahoma City, OK); Best Western Inn of the Ozarks (Eureka Springs, AR). Chisum, in partnership with Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving, supplied cattle to the army to feed the nearly 8,500 Navajo and Apaches on the doomed reservation. Or, better yet, spend plenty of time in that classic cow town, Fort Worth. Chisum died of cancer on December 22, 1884 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and was buried a few days later beside his parents in the family burial ground on the original Chisum farm in Southwest Paris. In a nutshell, the war, which erupted in 1878, pitted the factions (including Billy the Kid) of attorney Alexander McSween and rancher/merchant John Tunstall (backed by Chisum) and the powerful “House” ruled by Lawrence G. Murphy and James Dolan (backed by the Santa Fe Ring). John Simpson Chisum came to the Republic of Texas at age 13 with his parents and a group of relatives from Tennessee in the summer of 1837. I’m an old man now.”, Said Billy: “Aw, you ain’t worth killing.”. In Fort Sumner, Billy said the cattleman owed him money. Chisum, John Simpson (1824–1884) Harwood P. Hinton Biography Entry John Simpson Chisum, pioneer cattleman, son of Claiborne C. and Lucinda (Chisum) Chisum, was born in Hardeman County, Tennessee, on August 16, 1824. Good Books: To Hell on a Fast Horse: Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, and the Epic Chase to Justice in the Old West (Mark Lee Gardner); The Story of the Outlaw (Emerson Hough); John Chisum: Jinglebob King of the Pecos (Mary Whatley Clarke); The West of Billy the Kid (Frederick Nolan.).

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