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It is now clear that mutation rates are greater in male than in female germ lines. It has been shown by C. Janet (1889), from careful studies of the musculature, that the greater part of the head-capsule is built up of the four anterior head-segments, the hindmost of which has the mandibles for its appendages, and this conclusion is in the main supported by the recent work on the head skeleton of J. I am greater than any thorn-covered sorcerer that every grew in your garden. He associated himself closely with his greater brother, the grand pensionary, and supported him throughout his career with great ability and vigour. North of the Murchison, Mount Augustus and Mount Bruce, with their connecting highlands, cut off the coastal drainage from the interior; but no point on the north-west coast reaches a greater altitude than 4000 feet. In the year last mentioned the greater part of these was separately issued under the title of Beitrrige zur Kenntniss der Naturgeschichte der Vogel. due to the two cylinders is variable to a greater or less extent, depending upon the degree of expansion in the cylinders and the speed. The next demand was for greater fixity of tenure and more regular promotion, as well as for the recognition by the companies of the railwaymens union. r 265 at 15° C., possessing a somewhat sweet taste; below o° C. it solidifies to a white crystalline mass, which melts at 17° C. When heated alone it partially volatilizes, but the greater part decomposes; under a pressure of 12 mm. The availability of the energy of electrical separation in a charged Leyden jar is also limited only by the resistance of conductors, in virtue of which an amount of heat is necessarily produced, which is greater the less the time occupied in discharging the jar. number of stations, the sending battery is sometimes divided among them in order to give greater uniformity of current along the line. For the next two decennial censuses he acted as assistant-commissioner; for that of 1871 he was a commissioner, and he wrote the greater part of the reports of all. Nowhere was the call responded to with greater zeal than in the Netherlands, and nowhere had the spirit of adventure and the stimulus to enterprise, which was one of the chief fruits of the crusades, more permanent effects for good. Whatever you think, it's for the greater good. Large as this progress was it would have been much greater if the Telephone Company had been granted adequate powers to put wires underground and thus instal a complete metallic circuit in place of the single wire, earthreturn, circuit which it was constrained to employ. ARGENTINA, or the Argentine Republic (officially, Republica Argentina), a country occupying the greater part of the southern extremity of South America. In the following year he made his first acquaintance with the literature of Spain under the influence of his friend and biographer, Ticknor; and, while its attractiveness proved greater than he had at the outset anticipated, the comparative novelty of the subject as a field for research served as an additional stimulus. The depressions which gap the borders of the central plateau thus acquire a greater importance than the small differences in its vertical elevation. From this purest type of nobility, as seen in the aristocratic commonwealths, we may pass to nobility as seen in states of greater extent - that is, for the most part in monarchies. The modifications of the hind-limbs are in fact many times greater (such as extremely long legs, with four, three or only two toes; very short legs, almost incapable of walking, with all four toes directed forwards, or two or one backwards, and two or more connected and therefore bound to act together, in various FIG. As, however, we can easily see that the constructive processes are much greater than those which lead to the disappearance of material from the plant-body, there is generally to be seen a conspicuous increase in the substance of the plant. The highest land does not rise to a greater height than 10,250 ft.; the climate is well suited for agriculture, and the islands generally are fertile and fairly cultivated, though not coming up to the standard of Java either in wealth or population. Similarly the earlier prejudice against higher education, and the maintenance of institutions for that purpose, has given place to greater liberality along those lines. Rivers.The greater part of the surface of France is divided between four principal and several secondary basins. This intermediate region, which has Atlantic characteristics down to 300 fathoms, and at greater depths belongs more properly to the Arctic Sea, commonly receives the name of Norwegian Sea. greater in a sentence - Use "greater" in a sentence 1. Other analogous glycerides are apparently contained in greater or smaller quantity in certain other oils. They numbered 40,000 to 50,000 infantry, and formed the greater part of the Russian armies in the wars of the 16th and 17th centuries. Such is the account which Josephus gives in the Antiquities; in the Jewish War he represents the rabbis and their disciples as looking forward to greater happiness for themselves after such a death. On the 24th of July 1663 he alone signed a protest against the bill " for the encouragement of trade," on the plea that owing to the free export of coin and bullion allowed by the act, and to the importation of foreign commodities being greater than the export of home goods, " it must necessarily follow. It will therefore be seen from the above that next to the Nearctic area the Palaearctic has a much greater affinity to any other, a fact which might be expected from geographical considerations. there in even greater state, when Master William Grocyn, "the Grecian," a fellow of New College, "responded," in divinity. How could men possibly have a greater desire or need than she had just felt? Their numbers are far greater than anything we ever imagined. The difference between the heating power of the sun's rays at noon on the 21st of June, in latitude 20° and in latitude 45°, is only about 2%; while the accumulated heat received during the day, which is lengthened to 152 hours in the higher latitude, is greater by about i i% than in the lower latitude, where the day consists only of 134 hours. The rebellious elements allied themselves instinctively with the Poles, who thus found the absorption of the greater part of the lands of the Order an easy task. 1 Maccabees credits them with ioo,000 victims. Chromatophores.The chromatophores or plastids are protoplasmic structures, denser than the cytoplasm, and easily distinguishable from it by their color or greater refractive power. Trypho, the regent of Antiochus VI., put even greater political power into the hands of Jonathan and his brother Simon, but finally seized Jonathan on the pretext of a conference. By far the greater portion of these metals came from the southern part of the state. And a man who does his duty is greater than a king. Nowhere was the challenge greater than in the Kazan train station. As I sounded through the ice I could determine the shape of the bottom with greater accuracy than is possible in surveying harbors which do not freeze over, and I was surprised at its general regularity. cit. " Such appeals when permissible, except the " greater," were to be tried by delegates on the spot (31st Session; Mansi, Concilia, in loco). All causes, except the " greater," were to be terminated in the country where the proper cognizance would lie (Migne, op. Subsequently the progress was still greater. Corbridge was formerly of greater importance than at present. Many of the neighbouring mountain ridges have uniform crests, but a greater number terminate in numerous peaks, some sharp, rugged and rocky, but more of them rounded domes. Fear is often greater than the danger. (k) Excommunication was either greater or less. There is a distinct advantage in the regulation of this escape, and the mechanism is directly connected with the greater or smaller quantity of water in the plant, and especially in its ep-idermal cells. Compositae compose a quarter of the Andean flora, which is a greater proportion than in any in the world. Of the "Hidden Seed" the greater number were Germans; they were probably descended from a colony of German Waldenses, who had come to Moravia in 1480 and joined the Church of the Brethren; and, therefore, when persecution broke out afresh they naturally fled to the nearest German refuge. With the success of this undertaking in view it is a matter of wonder that the example set in this instance has not been adopted to a much greater extent elsewhere. There are important zinc works at Auby and St Amand (Nord) and Viviez (Aveyron) and Noyelles-Godault (Pas-de-Calais); there are lead works at the latter place, and others of greater irirportance at Couron (Loire-Infrieure). From the beginning of the 18th century the greater number of the Presbyterian congregations became practically independent in polity and Unitarian in doctrine. During the greater part of the Mahommedan period Persia has been ruled by troubled and short-lived dynasties. Dust particles interfere with conduction near the ground, so the relative conductivity in the upper layers may be much greater than that calculated. This is the full, ideal development, which is always contracted or shortened to a greater or less extent. The greater part of the nitrogen of the cereals is, however, sold off the farm; but perhaps not more than to or 15% of that of either the root-crop or the clover (or other forage leguminous crop) is sold off in animal increase or in milk. At atmospheric pressure the discharge is able to pass through a far greater distance in helium than in the common gases. The perception of direction or the influence of gravity presents greater difficulty, as we have no clear idea of the form which the force of gravity takes.

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