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He has no problems killing anyone regardless of age or sex; however, he only kills people who are in his way or those he deems "worthy". He shoots his bloodlust at Gon to allow him to find Leorio. [27], Hisoka follows Gon and Killua to the Heavens Arena and with his Ren prevents the duo from entering the 200th floor until they are able to use Nen, declaring them not ready. [8] He then took part in the 286th Hunter Exam, during which he murdered 20 examinees. Episode 6 (1999) Episode 3 (2011) Occupation Moritonio confesses, and the two begin a duel. [9], In a limousine car heading to Gon's location, Gotoh handles a phone call on Killua's phone and becomes increasing aggravated by the pestering by the person on the other-line and hangs up on them claiming they should identify themselves first before requesting to talk with Killua, then apologizes and hangs up. In his first appearance in the 1999 anime series, Hisoka's hair is blue. [84], By the time Machi reaches Chrollo in the market inside the Black Whale, she confirms that Hisoka had made his way into the Black Whale to kill the rest of the Troupe members. It is unknown to the reader if Hisoka's original prophecy predicted he would leave the Troupe after his confrontation with Chrollo, or if he would die as a result of it, since only Hisoka saw how many paragraphs it contained. He also declares he would prefer to fight neither of them, especially not Gon, and challenges Netero, but is casually dismissed. Anime Debut [9] When they reach the Milsy Wetlands and a Man-faced Ape tries to pass himself off as the real examiner, Hisoka throws cards at both him and Satotz, killing the monkey, whereas Satotz blocks his attack, leading Hisoka to declare he is the real proctor. Blood Type As he showers, he peels off the fake spider tattoo on his back, which he made from a piece of cloth using his Texture Surprise ability. Hearing this enrages Killua as she didn't mention Alluka's name and activates his Godspeed Nen ability and escapes. After one week, they head to Soufrabi. [83] It is also useful for sticking objects in place for traps[6][68] or to keep hold of them,[64][67] even after throwing them. ヒソカ゠モロウ [11] He also used them to test Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika when they came to the mansion. Hisoka Morow When Zebro contacts the Zoldyck Estate to inform Killua his friends have arrived, on the other-line, Gotoh disregards the fact Killua has any friends and warns Zebro not to continue wasting his time and hangs up. Hisoka frowns when Hanzo threatens to break Gon's arm. Struggling not to be overwhelmed, Hisoka begins dispatching the puppets, all the while taking damage from Chrollo's hit-and-run tactic. The three split up and run away, which Hisoka judges a smart move. Superhero That Would Likely Be An Annoying Roommate. In the 2011 anime, Hisoka has red hair and light amber eyes. ゴトー Voice Actor. Uchuu Ryokou. Master Strategist: Hisoka is an exceptional strategist who can formulate winning plans at the very start of a confrontation. Although he survives the explosion, he is blasted in the air towards another stand filled with Chrollo's explosive puppets. Hisoka is portrayed as entirely self-serving, self-absorbed, and selfish; he does whatever he likes as long as it pleases him in some way. [84], Bungee Gum also has a wide range of auxiliary applications. [70] A few weeks later, he leaves the island with Abengane after the latter has successfully deactivated Genthru's Countdown..[71], Hisoka is next seen during the first round of the 13th Hunter Chairman Election looking for Ging. Kalluto, Hisoka's replacement in the gang, walks out, and Hisoka expresses his approval of him. [16], Master of Stealth: Hisoka managed to spy on Killua undetected by him as well as, seemingly, Amane and Tsubone. Blood Type During the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, he briefly reprises his role as a secondary antagonist. Shalnark's mangled body is then seen tied to a swing with Kortopi's severed head in front of him and crows gathering around their corpses. [31] Although he was briefly stunned,[80] Hisoka took no visible damage from most of Chrollo's attacks,[2][79][80] one of which can allegedly behead a person with a knife-hand strike,[44] despite Hisoka having been unable to predict them and thus to guard properly. Leo. He then asks Machi who between him and Chrollo she'd rather survived, and what she will do if he kills Chrollo, to which Machi says she would hunt him down and kill him. [32] He also displayed proficiency with flail-like weapons by swinging an aura-coated human head connected to his hand via his elastic aura,[81] as well as with knives. At the same time, the hero himself (. Chapter 40 As he retaliates, Chrollo, having stolen someone else's clothes, maneuvers behind Hisoka, who prepares to counter, but is tricked by the opponent's feint and kicked in the nape. [33] They decide to have their showdown at the Heavens Arena on July 10th. Despite understanding his opponent is dying and that he wants to end his life as a warrior, Hisoka does not fight back, since he is "uninterested in the dead". Also known as An example is when Gon becomes honest and rather innocent about his question of why Hisoka was in Greed Island. Age Shalnark and Kortopi leave after Machi says that she'll stay to tend to his wounds. The following are the results for Hisoka in Heavens Arena. Hisoka's zest for battle often causes him to suffer more damage than he would if he fought seriously from the start. Watching from a distance, Illumi tells Hisoka to eliminate the butlers but Hisoka asks if he can kill Killua. *sigh*. In the manga, he ends nearly every sentence with a suit symbol. [31] He performs a series of magic tricks seemingly for no reason. [83], The next time Hisoka is seen he is, by all means, dead, presented before Kortopi, Shalnark, and Machi; his face is extremely disfigured by the explosion, with one of the three wondering why he did not suffer more damage. A teenage Hisoka is found beaten on the side of the road by circus ringmaster Moritonio in Glam Gas Land. He is an expert fighter that has shown to be extremely fast both in hand movements and reflexes. Notice at Collection are most likely based or at least had their creations inspired in the The Joker from DC Comics; have powers/aliases related to magic. Portrayal [31] He can defend even from disadvantageous positions[2] without losing his balance. 91 kg*[3] (200.2 lbs) Hisoka catches and throws it back with Bungee Gum, sticking it to Razor's hands so he cannot deflect it again, at the cost of 10 broken fingers. Hiroki Takahashi (1999) Daisuke Namikawa (2011) John Knight. Hiroko GOTOH. [11] While piloting an airship from the Parasta Airport, Canary tries to get in contact with Gotoh, but to no avail. Credits On BTVA: 231 Roles from 193 Titles.

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