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The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Besides the fact that we also didn't really make dance music. Pitchfork: Did you actually say that to people? To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. El-P: [deadpans] We're all about the hope. Buy Vinyl. Jus: That would be it for me. It was good to be part of a record that helped spearhead that independent movement, even though it still has taken way too long to take hold. We're talking about 600,000 people losing their jobs in a month, millions in a year. "[7], Nate Patrin of Pitchfork said: "With the exception of the nocturnal crystalline funk of the Bigg Jus-produced 'Lune TNS' and the frequent scratch contributions from secret weapon DJ Mr. Len, Funcrusher Plus' beats bear the mark of El-P's dusty-but-digital aesthetic, which even back then had the same sort of beautiful-dystopia Blade Runner feel that informed Cannibal Ox's The Cold Vein and his own Fantastic Damage a few years later. [laughs] Actually, we probably did say that shit in interviews. "[16], On October 4, 2011, "Lune TNS" was chosen by as the Song of the Day. Funcrusher Plus is the debut studio album by American hip hop group Company Flow. Last week, Definitive Jux announced that it is reissuing Company Flow’s 1996 masterpiece Funcrusher Plus on May 5. Now, you add the one and the two in 12 and that's three...which is how many people who were in Company Flow. Will this reissue spark another meeting of the Company Flow minds? All the hip-hop shit that we grew up loving just seemed to need a fuckin' reinforcement. ____, © 2020 Condé Nast. But at least someone's trying to do something now. I was 21 so I was pretty fucking high on myself. Len: There were no diss records, no silliness. Everything else is like palm trees. "[13] Jeff Weiss of Los Angeles Times felt that "El-P conjured an apocalyptic minimalism -- the sublimated sound of clanging and cluttered train cars, city grime buried beneath cuticles, and the ghostly smoke of burning blunts. Jus: I kinda did it in reverse. "[14], Andrew Hultkrans of Spin gave the album 8 stars out of 10, commenting that "[the album] deconstructed hip-hop conventions and rebuilt them into a spare, murky, sputtering soundscape. [4], AllMusic gave the album a perfect 5 star rating, and writer Steve Huey stated: "[Funcrusher Plus] demands intense concentration, but also rewards it, and its advancement of hip-hop as an art form is still being felt. The album should be out there. Now that everybody is older you kind of understand that people go through phases, and it's about keeping a continuity. But I don't think that it took geniuses to see that as being inevitable. El-P: I agree. I still have the same love in my heart for cats. We've always said that one day we'll get together to do some new songs but it's just dirty to think of it in any other way. Even the idea about the music industry collapsing under the weight of its frivolous products seems to have come true. There's a difference. "[5] Jon Dolan of City Pages noted "[Company Flow's] evincing a confrontational critique of 'those signed, big-budget muthafuckas' like none hip hop has attempted since EPMD's Strictly Business. [laughs]____ Pitchfork: Do you think that Funcrusher is easier for the uninitiated to compute now? I feel like when bands start re-releasing old material it might suggest their current work is less valuable. But when I was a kid I just assumed everyone should like this shit because I felt like I was the ultimate hip-hop fan. [3] The album has been recognized as "a landmark independent hip-hop release". Take the four and multiply it by the three and you get 12. I can see why this record was re-interpreted for Marvel`s "Scarlet Spider" No.1 when they had the "Hip-Hop variant" campaign. There wasn't a lot of people being like "Wow, they listen to this kind of rap." We were on some affirmation shit. [laughs]. We kind of came out at the perfect time because people hadn't yet created subgenres so we were thrown into the pantheon of rap music in general. There's just a different patina on it. El-P: When we came out there were motherfuckers who were like, "What is this crazy space rap from the future?"

Gunna Wunna Lyrics, Stone Cold Killer Lyrics, Escape Movie 2006 Biography, Funkadelic Cosmic Slop Vinyl, University Library Database, Surprise Sushi, Chloe Sims And Pete Wicks Amsterdam, Coulomb To Watt, Mobile Number Login,

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