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bogner helios review

– a Bogner XTC for heavy/hard rock style music (the blue channel is amazing) Seem amazing. It’s really responsive to your technique, your pickups, pedals etc – the bottom end has that awesome loose feel that you get with old Marshalls, spongey and wide. I love Bogner amps but this one didn't feel like a Bogner built amp. I've been playing for over thirty years and I have played almost every amp known to man. The Hot mode alone with a boost can do anything, I use that mode for Rock to Metal rhythm and 80s for leads if I want more compression. Ok, so the first step is admitting you have a problem. The JTM feature is fantastic especially since there is a knob in the back to dial back in low end with punch. I run all the tone controls at 12:30 to 1 and it sounded best to me with my Marshall G12-65 cabinet. The Hot an 80's mode sound the same as the original Helios, but, i was playing that through a Bogner 4x12. So Far, So Good. Thick, crunchy and warm british tones that are still tight and cutting. Overkill, but I love blending amps. After sampling several different replacements all of which I preferred over the JJ's, l settled on a combination of Chinese Ruby's and the EH Tung-Sol reissues in the pre amp, and Winged C el34's in the power amp. Between B1, B2 and my guitar’s settings there is almost nothing I can’t do. That it all works so beautifully and with such perfectly judged character is a treat. Either way, great sounding amps! The temptation here is to crank the gain beyond halfway and play the feedback like an instrument – it certainly is a wild and addictive ride. what tune up are you getting? The challenge here was to cleverly elaborate upon the feature set without diluting the visual appeal, sound or vibe of the amp. Sweetwater's Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. We know it exists purely because Bogner’s Japanese distributor let slip a few photos on their blog page. My buddy and I had the same feelings (eclipse was unusable and found the amp nasally ), he sold it two days after buying it. The higher gain version. I had one of the 1st ones. One of the amps that has stuck around the longest for me and even though I occassionally try other amps I always end up coming back to it. It is pretty much plug and play with some very cool variations on the same basic theme. The Helios however does sound exactly like what I was hoping for. From what i can see it's Bogner's answer to the Friedman stuff, their other regular demo guy Justin D'Errico uses a Shiva, but i could see him on the Helios with his style Hot, features the "hot input of channel 2" from the original Helios. After much procrastination, and countless demos of countless amps, I finally settled on the Bogner Helios 100 as a gigging replacement for my prized Marshall. Add an optional booster in front, jump in a time machine to 1978 and you could conquer the world right here – but this is just the beginning! If you could, what were your impression of these? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. In eclipse mode with the gain knob dimed and the ‘bottom’ knob brought in to play on the back of the amp, I was getting some serious Pantera Chug! The complaints that you see from people are in wanting it to be something it is not. So you would recommend the Bogner Eclipse over the BE50 for what styles? On my next re-tube I will try the TAD's or Ruby EL34bstrs. If you like it, you can assign it to one channel or two! My conclusion is that I will be purchasing the Bogner very soon! IMHO, backing down to Hot+ mode on the toggle switches on each of these channels brings out more ‘tone’, but it’s very cool to be able to keep channel 2 in Hot+, then go to channel 3 in Eclipse mode for leads. Have had both the 50 and 100 reg Helios amps. There was a PT order change in the summer and delivery delays with them that prompted the wait. I love my Helios 100. With this channel halfway open, it already provides more sustain than anyone could ever reasonably need, with wads of gain and gobs of the fat, opulent midrange Bogners are famous for. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. +1 , it's been crickets here and on the TGP on this amp . Truly a sonic time machine, HELIOS features hand-wired construction with two foot switchable channels and foot switchable FX loop/boost.

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