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Like Stages Cycling, Power2Max disrupted the industry by bringing power to the people at an affordable price. Not only does this neat little design cue ensure the Assiomas look like an ordinary pedal and not as chunky and bulky as its rivals, but it also keeps the electronics from getting damaged by falls or impacts, meaning it's easier to maintain down the line. Aesthetically, and mechanically, one of the best units on the market, Weight: 142g, 130BCD (spider only) | Battery life: 200 hours | Battery type: CR2032 | Measurement: Dual-sided | Type: Spider/chainring. Was £199.00 | Now £136.79 It weighs 574g without chainrings. We got good data that tracked very closely with other meters in simultaneous testing. We have a clear winner and it’s the slick, light and dependable Quarq Elsa RS. €690-€1,590 / $610-€1,490. Generally the P1s tracked very well with other meters and performed well. Available as a crank-based left-side-only, or dual-sided unit the company claims it is 99 per cent accurate. Fluke is one of the best brands out there in the market. But the basic problem persists with a hub-based system — it is literally bound to a particular wheel. But it’s also because it wasn’t quite competitive. With 170mm and 175mm cranks available, this should cover the majority of riders needs. Each pod takes a CR2032 battery. The 781g unit (with chain rings) looks the part, too, perfectly blending into a Dura-Ace drivetrain. There are other gains to usability too. In terms of accuracy, Rotor says there's no real benchmark for comparisons but claims a maximum deviation of only 1-1.5 per cent. Weight: from 599g | Battery life: 1400 hours (standard), 100 hours (rechargeable) | Battery type: Rechargeable or Standard | Measurement: Dual-sided | Type: Spider, 110BCD asymmetric. If choosing a left-sided option, the only compatibility consideration you need, is to ensure the crank will fit the spindle from the right-side, and that the crank length matches the right. As you can imagine, manufacturing such a device is an intricate process which explains why these components cost as much as they do. All rights reserved. What’s more, your balance isn’t consistent. While other crank-based power-measuring systems position the strain gauges in the crank arms or the spider, Rotor’s meter houses the electronics in the crank axle. In just a few years, power meters have moved from being pro-only equipment to affordable training aids for amateur racers and keen recreational riders. The Stages Dura-Ace 9000 was faultless on test, affordable and very light. Known for continually pushing the boundaries in terms of weight and performance the Colorado-based firm has taken things up a notch with the introduction of the Stages LR, a dual-sided power meter with generation 3 internals, a boosted ANT+ and Bluetooth signal (6 times stronger than before) and accuracy to a maximum deviation of only 1.5 per cent. A key difference is that these cranks were designed from the outset to be a power meter, so the strain gauges are placed in the precise load path to avoid data corruption by twisting forces. It handles the tougher tests of sprints and low cadence training easily, tracks consistently and handles temperature changes smoothly. It can capture up to 200 data points per second, trumping the crank-based alternatives that measure power at one side - no multiplying by two here. It's a strain gauge that you'll need to fit onto your own bike's left-hand-crank to convert it into a power meter. More than 80 rides went into this test, and for each one we ran three meters at once, with three identically configured Garmins on the bars to record the data. There was a problem. A digital power meter is an electric meter that measures the amount of electrical energy consumed by residences, businesses or electrically powered devices. Prospective buyers should be aware of compatibility issues pertaining to crank clearance at the chain-stays; 4iiii Innovations recommends checking this before ordering. With three, you can see when one is out but the other two are in agreement. The power meter market is booming and moving fast. At 429g for the pair, they add 200g compared to most good pedals and they reduce ground clearance. This is a great power meter and top value, too”, Stages vs Garmin Vector S long-term data test with SRM and PowerTap as baselines, Read the full Stages review: “The much-improved Stages is a great first power meter and the 105 version is the best value”, Read the full INpower review: “A big improvement over the Power LT – and better value too”, Read the full review of the SRM: “A great power meter but rivals now match its performance, with more features and less cost”, Read the full Verve Infocrank review: “Newcomer delivers excellent performance and runs the biggest names very close”, Read the full power2max Type-S review: “Good value, Campag-friendly option”, Read the full Garmin Vector 2 review: “The best power meter pedals but not as refined and reliable as we expect”, Read the full PowerTap G3 review: “The PowerTap is a very good power meter that’s put in the shade by more practical rivals”, Read the full PowerTap P1 review: “Appealing price and practicality but let down by the performance and bulk”, Diary of a Zwift Academy rider – part two | Finding my feet… and reality hits home. After producing primarily spider-based power meters for last three decades, SRM recently launched a more compatible three-piece power meter crank system called the Origin which can accommodate a host of frame/bottom bracket setups. Stages Cycling made a name for itself when it dropped the single-leg power meter concept at an amazingly affordable price just a few years ago. For the revised version Garmin has added lots more analysis and changed the pods, which proved very robust. Favero Electronics may be a newcomer to the power-meter realm but the Italian manufacturer has taken the fight to PowerTap and Garmin by offering a lighter, cheaper and more accurate power pedal - the Assioma. The Quarq Elsa RS blends seamlessly with Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 and 9070 drivetrains, The latest Stages Dura-Ace 9000 crank improves durability with a lower price that previous models, The SRM Shimano power meter delivers on consistency, but is expensive, The relatively new Verve Infocrank is a reliable option, Garmin Vector 2 pedals are easy to move between bikes, but not as reliable as we’d like, The PowerTap hub remains as reliable as ever, but being a hub obviously limits your options, Rotor’s INpower meter houses all its electronics in the crank axle, power2max’s Type-S includes Campagnolo options, Read the full Quarq Elsa RS review: “Intense development has paid off. It also helps being owned by cycling industry heavyweight, Sram. When used properly, a power meter gives you potent information that can vastly improve your training and pacing. Add in a real injury and your data will be way out. The Elsa RS is Quarq’s top-line model made for Shimano four-bolt chainrings. It’s sensitive to temperature and it also over-read sprint efforts of over 900W by as much as 30% compared to theother two meters when it had tracked alongside them for the rest of the ride. We had high hopes for readily transferable accurate meters but we were disappointed. Quarq meters measure power at the spider, like an SRM. Verve claims its data is accurate to within 1% across the full measurement range of 0-3,000w, and says there’s zero temperature drift or need to perform a pre-ride manual calibration – and our tests back that up. But the results don’t lie: Rotor claims its INpower units are 99-per cent accurate (variance of 1 per cent). Heart rate, by contrast, is greatly influenced by fatigue, temperature, adrenaline and that caffeine gel you just sucked down. Such errors shouldn’t have reached production – consistency is everything. According to Favero, the IAV way of harvesting data is class-leading, with accuracy to a maximum deviation of only one per cent. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. BA1 1UA. When it launched, Stages was unique for being a left-side-only crank based meter. Soon after that they won’t wake up, so keep spares handy and check or swap them before that big sportive you’ve been targeting. It can’t do left/right split either, and you can’t replace the battery yourself, you have to send it away and do without it for at least a few days – though the battery can last years, and a rechargeable version is in development. Using a Garmin Edge 1000 you can see live displays of your left/right power, stroke efficiency (Power Phase) and seated/standing splits. Shimano-only for now (single-sided Stages power meters available for Campagnolo, SRAM, Cannondale and others), We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. View Deal, [In stock] Stages left-sided power crank - Ultegra | $349.99 at Jenson USA Was $260.99 | Now $159.99 The data from the power2max is excellent. By entering your details, you are agreeing to BikeRadar terms and conditions. To non-power meter users that may not sound like much but to long-time users a 6% error in a time trial or interval session is a big deal. Stages Cycling brought affordability and reliability to the market with its left-side crank concept in 2012, and made them cheaper still in 2020. At 1,640g, they’re quite light for clinchers with a power hub and the modern, blunt profile gives good stability and speed, though it’s no Enve 3.4 and the heavier rear wheel is noticeable. The DZero’s biggest selling point is its ability to measure power from both the left and right leg which helps improve pedal efficiency and power balance. We found the INpower to be a big step up on from the soon-to-be-discontinued Power LT. We’ve since tried the latest firmware and the P1s continued to over-read, albeit by a slightly reduced margin of 5%. There are some downsides, though, and the first is immediately apparent: the P1s are very chunky. [In stock] Avio Powersense Power Meter | 30% off at ProBikeKit UK Back when the only other choice was an SRM that required a mortgage, the early PowerTap hubs earned a big following because you could build a basic rear training wheel for a third of the price of the German cranks. The Infocrank comes with specific bottom bracket cups and has a 30mm axle so should fit most frames. Subscribe today and get the next 3 issues of your favourite cycling magazine for just £5! Don't miss out on MBUK – get your next 3 issues for just £5, Get the next 3 issues of the UK's number one cycling magazine for just £5, Remarkably good value left-only power meter from Specialized, Stages Power LR Ultegra R8000 power meter review, Shimano Dura-Ace R9100-P power meter review, 4iiii Precision Dura-Ace 9000 power meter review. Rotor’s INpower meter houses all its electronics in the crank axle Immediate Media Using one meter on its own makes it impossible to tell if it’s accurate or not; two is better but you won’t know which is reading incorrectly if the shift is small.

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