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Self-published authors can make between 40% – 60% royalties on a single book sale while traditionally published authors usually make between 10%-12% royalties. I have some colleagues who have a gift for choosing the right projects, but it isn’t easy. I’m on an Audible-exclusive contract. But, if the book sales are strong and the author has a healthy readership, then royalty share can be a great collaboration and be worthwhile for both parties. An eight-hour book would be $2,000 in a per-finished-hour contract. As first reported by Gigaom, Amazon announced the news on a blog post on its ACX website. It’s consideration like these, as an author, that made me do a “narrated-by-author” via a local music studio for my first experiment. If they only have ten reviews and their audio has been out for a year, then it probably isn’t going to be a good financial gamble. Historical mystery writer Anna Castle examines the appeal of the royalty share option for audiobooks, with the help of her books’ narrator, Joel Froomkin. Many authors aren’t aware that we have up-front costs to produce the audio. My book, The Goldendoodle Handbook, retails at $24.99 on Audible. Professional audiobook narrator Joel Froomkin shares the narrator’s perspective into what makes a viable royalty-share deal with an indie author. Historical mystery writer Anna Castle interviewed professional narrataor Joel Froomkin, service provider for her own audiobooks, on how royalty share works from the narrators perspective, in this eye-opening post. There’s a lot of confusion about ACX royalties, so here are the facts: My book, The Goldendoodle Handbook, retails at $24.99 on Audible. In order for a busy narrator, who is in demand, to justify taking on the royalty share project, they have to look at that $2 royalty return. I contacted ACX to question royalty … If you are distributing to Audible/Amazon/iTunes through Author’s Republic, Audible will pay Author’s Republic the 25% non-exclusive royalty (discussed above) and Author’s Republic will give the author 70% of the royalty and keep 30% of the royalty… Up until now, Amazon was offering an escalating rate of 50%-90% on ACX titles sold exclusively; now it is dropping the rate to a non-escalating 40%. The bounty is the amount awarded to the author (or royalty earner) whenever an audiobook is the first purchase of a new member of the program. Anna Castle writes two historical series: Francis Bacon mysteries and the Professor & Mrs. Moriarty mysteries. From the ALLi Author Advice Center Archive, Audiobook Production: How to Choose a Narrator for your Self-published Audiobook, Look Who’s Talking: Creating and Marketing a Self-Published Audiobook: David Markowitz. This year she’s narrating the fourth and I’ve offered her a fee-paying arrangement as I can now afford it. I contacted ACX to question royalty payments and this is their reply: Amazon-owned audiobook retailer Audible is lowering the royalty rates it pays authors who self-publish, and exclusively sell, their audiobooks through the website. Audiobooks signed up before March 12, and those currently selling under the existing royalty structure, will continue to draw the original rates. Find out more at www.annacastle.com>. This self-publishing advice center is brought to you by The Alliance of Independent Authors. Audio is a long game. It depends on who does the production of the audiobook. Subscribers: to set up your digital access click here. Group by Christie Tate is the November Reese's Book Club Pick, Daniel Menaker Dies at 79, from Pancreatic Cancer, Harper UK Starts "Author Academy" to "Train and Support Writers from Underrepresented Ethnic Backgrounds", French Court Won't Force Lagardere to Hold a Special Shareholder Meeting, 20 Percent or More of Indie Bookstores Could Close Soon; ABA Hopes New "Boxed Out" Campaign Will Generate Support, As Covid Cases Rise Again In Germany, Festhalle Events Drops Plans for A Live Audience, At ViacomCBS, No Merit Pay Increases This Year, and Offices Will Not Reopen In January, N. K. Jemisin, Jacqueline Woodson Among Latest 21 MacArthur Fellows, The New Yorker Settles with Its Union; Agrees to "Just Cause" Provision. So, before an eight-hour book even goes on sale, it can have COST US $800 to create. My narrator contacted me about the royalty share project I’d posted over a year before (my first book) and has so far narrated 3 titles. Especially not for an entire series.). It is very easy with royalty share to LOSE money from the up-front expense. Read these useful insights into how to persuade a narrator to do a deal with you - by @AnnaCastl & @JoelFroomkin, Everything You Need to Know To Avoid Being Ripped off as an Indie Author, Ask ALLi September Q&A with Joanna Penn & David Penny Video & Podcast, ALLi Members’ Self-Publishing Questions Answered by David Penny and Debbie Young, https://hollowlands.com/2017/02/narrating-and-producing-your-own-audiobooks/?utm_source=lk&utm_medium=cm-3, About SPAC: ALLi’s Self-Publishing Advice Center. However, that can vary a lot depending on promotions, membership in Audible, etc. First-time authors who want … Ready to make an audiobook but unsure how to manage the financial split with your chosen narrator? Here’s what Joel told me when I put that question to him. (The experience and resulting product are fine, but I’m unlikely to sell 1000 audiobooks of a title — I just don’t think trying to con a professional narrator into taking that chance with me is fair. Ask ALLi September – Your Self-Publishing Questions answered by Joanna Penn and David Penny David Penny stepped…, AskALLi Members' Self-Publishing Questions answered by David Penny and Debbie Young Each month David Penny &…, Hi Anna, The Publishing Industry's Daily Essential Read, Audible has temporarily increased author and narrator royalties to 45 percent on books by self-published ACX authors in an effort “to reduce the financial impact of COVID-19 on the creative community.” ACX audiobooks exclusively distributed through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes in April, May, and June are eligible for the full increase, while royalties on non-exclusively…. ACX, or Audiobook Common Exchange, is the company's platform through which authors can post their available audio rights and producers can then bid on the rights, to create the work. For me, the average sales price for one of my books … ALC – a full price, non member retail sale – $24.95 x 40% = $9.98 We all have royalty share titles that have sold like twelve copies… and we have per-finished-hour titles that we WISH had been royalty share! We authors post our title information, audition pages, etc, and we state whether we’re looking for royalty share or paying up front; if the latter, we select a price range per hour. AL – a member credit sale – $24.95 x 52% = $12.97 x 40% = $5.18 With royalty share, the narrator is making about $2 per sale (prior to the current Romance Package debacle.) I quite agree. I’m hoping that going wide on audiobooks will help. The move, Amazon said in the post, which takes effect March 12, 2014, will, in part, encourage authors to become more aggressive marketers. Linda. Simply close and relaunch your preferred browser to log-in. If you want your book in audio very close to its initial release, expect narrators to research the reviews/sales of your previous titles. If you have questions or need assistance setting up your account please email pw@pubservice.com or call 1-800-278-2991 (U.S.) or 1-818-487-2069 (all other countries), Monday-Friday between 5am and 5pm Pacific time for assistance. Today, we have a round up of all of the articles you need to avoid being ripped off as an indie author. For ALLi campaigns, benefits, refund & membership policies, see the main website, 2020 SELF-PUBLISHING ADVICE | THE ALLIANCE OF INDEPENDENT AUTHORS | c/o The Free Word Centre 60 Farringdon Rd London EC1R 3GA United Kingdom, Write For Us: ALLi Guest Blogger Guidelines, Audiobook Royalties: To Share or Not Share? Keep in mind that the union minimum for audiobook narration is $250 per finished hour. ALOP – a 30% member discount cash sale – $24.95 x 70% = $17.46 x 40% = $6.98 But how do narrators choose which projects to accept and what are the factors that would persuade them to accept the royalty share option rather than requiring an upfront, one-off fee for the voice artistry. In order to earn that union minimum, the book must sell 1,000 copies. The publishing industry's essential daily read. © 2020 Publishers Lunch. Required fields are marked *. PW “All Access” site license members have access to PW’s subscriber-only website content. With others, it’s going to be a real challenge. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I could see from my ACX earnings that royalty share isn’t a good deal for narrators. An editor charges $75 per finished hour and a proofer usually charges $25. (Photo by Arthur Miranda via unsplash.com. What an interesting post. Parts of this site are only available to paying PW subscribers. Each Publishers Lunch Deluxe subscription includes full access to our searchable multi-year archive of industry news, a nightly email reporting 10 to 50 deal transactions, and our database of industry contacts, scripts, and posting privileges. With the drop in royalty rate, for authors selling their audiobooks exclusively, Amazon has bumped up its "bounty" program. Because people use monthly credits, you don’t get those release-day surges in sales. Hope that’s helpful, All Rights Reserved. Is royalty share the best way forward for you? Call: 1-800-278-2991 (US) or 1-818-487-2069 (Outside US/Canada) 5 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon-Fri (Pacific). If they have any previous audio, how have those sold? We look at how they market their existing work. For instance, if the author pays for the production through ACX, he/she receives 40% of the sales price. I’m on an Audible-exclusive contract. It's unfortunate that in every industry there are people who will gladly take advantage of you. Writing fiction combines her lifelong love of stories and learning. Amazon-owned audiobook retailer Audible is lowering the royalty rates it pays authors who self-publish their audiobooks through the website. An Indie Author & a Professional Narrator Answer the Question. (ACX audbiobooks distributed non-exclusively are dropping to a non-escalating rate of 25%.). Creators then have the option to sell the audiobooks exclusively through Amazon, Audible and iTunes at a higher royalty rate, or through a wider ranger of retailers, at a lower rate. Usually, if a project is a strong royalty share prospect, the author will want to pay you up front because they know it’s going to sell. To find out more about PW’s site license subscription options please email: pw@pubservice.com. That's why the Alliance of Independent Authors is proud to run a watchdog desk that runs a number of services including: highlighting trusted service providers through their vetting service and monthly watchdog posts on the not so trustworthy.

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