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The dam's power station contains four turbine-generators for a capacity of 11 megawatts (15,000 hp) each. I'd love it to be larger though! The peak of the river discharge occurs in April and May as a result of snow melting in the mountains; the lowest discharge is recorded during August and September. There are many natural and cultral attractions around Aras River. The well rendered contrasting colours and the lovely light, that has a different influence on each of them, make the view and the atmosphere suggestive and captivating. Taking into account the length of   medium and average rivers, number of population per kilometre of rivers is 832 persons and 229 households. Vrlo interesantan i dobar tekst o reci ... You can use links and other type of HTML formats. Belle vue d'ensemble. Salam Ali. TFS - congrats, What a beautiful scenic view - this would make a lovely postcard from this region - the blue hues filtering through the snow capped mountains is very nice - the whole image is perfect - with an excellent POV. It is extensively used for fishing. Wide view showing different elements of the landscape The dam is used mainly for hydroelectric power production and water storage for irrigation. نوردهی و رنگ بخوبی انجام شده. Register and view beautiful and lovely. perfect job. Have a nice day. The Araxes river forms the international boundary between northwest Iran and the USSR from a point east of Mount Ararat, which lies very close to the river. Kasakh River originates from the northern slopes of Aragats Mountain. ARAS Aras River, the border region Pldsht Originates in Erzurum, Turkey Kura River outfall Length of 1072 km. All the best, have a good night, The basin has borders with Georgia in the west and with Russia in the North. The primary purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power production and water supply. 130 Island officials later adopted the name of a large island and a great reward and honor was given to Lieutenant Nur. This is yet another caption title. the Aras gained significance as a geographic political boundary. The main pressures on the river ecosystem are resulting from the following human activities: EUWI+East project support the development of River Basin Management Plans for the Sevan river basin sub-district in line with the European standards. The Aras Dam (Azerbaijani: Araz su anbarı; Persian: سد ارس ‎) is an embankment dam on the Aras River along the border of Iran and Azerbaijan.It is located downstream of Poldasht in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran and Nakhchivan City in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Azerbaijan.The primary purpose of the dam is hydroelectric power production and water supply. best regards, Lake Sevan is the largest lake in the South Caucasus, and at the same time one of the largest mountainous freshwater lakes in the world. Average density of the population is 100 inhabitants/km2. Water abstraction in the pilot region was about 1131 million m3 in 2013 of which around 150 million m3 was lost during transportation and 877,4 million m3   has been used  for different sectors. The capital city Yerevan is also located in Hrazdan BMA. The discharge of a separate group of springs discharged within the mentioned deposits varies in a range of 200‐600 l/sec and more. Approximate resources of the deposit are around 1800 l/sec, of which 1500‐1600 l/sec is by spring. Some have held that the Aras River valley was the legendary Garden of Eden. God dam and dam Qyzqlhsy already done jointly with Azerbaijan on the construction of Aras. what a wonderfull place enlightned by your shot, good composition and nice colours Aras is a river in and along the countries of Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. The towns and villages are lacking a modern system to handle their solid waste and wastewater. The river passing the flat land makes a great foreground and the mountains are so beautiful and so different in color. Wonderful landscape and view! Below is an introduction of the basin extracted from the ‘USAID Governing for Growth (G4G) in Georgia’ project paper: Regulatory Impact Assessment of the Draft Law on Water Manag, The area of territorial entity of Khrami - Debeda Basin District is 5,202 km. Average income per month for urban household is 942.4 GEL and for rural one it amounts to 756.8 GEL. Kind regards In 693 BC, the Assyrian empire fought the Elamites of southern Iran in the Battle of Diyala River. I like the snowy mountain in the background, which is almost like a ghost of the dark mountain in front of it. M, npecanhuk The Kura-Aras river basin is an internationally significant river system, which is seriously degraded and continues to be threatened. Very interesting and good text on the river ... Hi Ali, The Aras river flows through Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan. Aras River, Armenian Araks, Persian Rud-e Aras, Turkish Aras Nehri, Greek Araxes, river rising south of Erzurum in the Bingöl Dağları (mountains) of Turkey; it flows eastward, forming for approximately 275 miles (440 km) the international boundary between Armenia and Azerbaijan on the north and Turkey and Iran on the south. Corrections? Groundwater resources in Sevan BMA are located in Sarukhan groundwater deposit, Martuni-Artsvanist deposit, and Masrik groundwater deposit. Azerbaijan Republic and the Republic of Azerbaijan and been thrown into the river Kura. Kura River’s main tributary is the Aras which is the second longest river in Azerbaijan with a length of 666 miles draining the south side of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains and is shared with Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. 46,5% of the population lives in urban and 53,5% lives in rural areas. The Azeri part of the Alazani (Georgian name)/Ganikh (Azeri name) river basin is located in the North –Western corner of Azerbaijan at the south slope of the Greater Caucasus. Based on percentage shares of number of companies by kind of economic activities, wholesale and retail trade (52%), manufacturing (13%) and real estate (8%) represent the most prominent sectors. 45 percent of employed population in the basin is employed in small businesses and 31% is employed in large size businesses. The east border goes down from Tivonroso Mountain towards the south and follows the river Alazani up to Mingechauri water basin. Very, very beautiful composition. What major world city lies in both Asia and Europe? The Russian name of the Aras is Araks. | Contact | Useful Links | Login  | Facebook | Youtube, Khrami- Debeda River Basin(catchment area: 5202 km2), River basin consists of the rivers: Ktsia-Khrami, Korsuchai, Shavtskala, Aslanistskali, Shulaveri, Mashavera, Moshevani, Bolnisi, and Debeda, River basin consists of municipalities of Samtskhe Javakheti (Bordjomi) and Kvemo Kartli (Tsalka, Dmanisi, Bolnisi, Marneuli and Tetritskaro) Regions, Relatively small basin, however, copper mining operation heavily pollutes rivers Kazretula and Mashavera. The main rivers of the Alazani- Iori Basin District are: Alazani, Iori, Ilto, Stori, Chelti, Lopota, Duruji, Turdo, Khodashnis Khevi, Kabali, Adedi, Vashliani, Gombori and Ole. More recently, following the Russo-Persian wars of the Nineteenth Century, the Aras River was chosen as the border between the Russian Empire and Quajar Iran. The objective of the decision was to provide for scientifically justified complex and rational use and protection of water resources of the basin, and in order to maintain the natural regime of Marmarik River. Good day. In the middle and lower reaches of Hrazdan River basin the main sources of pressures come from the communal‐household wastewaters of Yerevan city (pollution with nutrients and organic substances) and settlements located in the upper reaches of Hrazdan city,
pressures from agricultural drainage waters, pressures from food processing industries. More than two thirds of the population (approximately 72%) is living in the rural areas. (10178) 2012-11-06 22:55, سلام The Aras river depth: In the distance between Julfa and Eslandooz, which occurs between the mountains of Arasbaran and the mountains of Azerbaijan, its width is also less than 20 meters in some places. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). The reservoir was built on a section of Kura River flowing through Mount Bozdağ in 1953. Lake Aktaş (named L1) is fed by seasonal inflows and groundwater. regard It is 1,026 metres (3,366 ft) long and 8 metres (26 ft) wide on its crest.[2]. For the surface area of main lakes of the basin, number of population per square kilometres of lakes is 27,338 persons and 7,542 households. It is located on the North – eastern slope of Lesser Caucasus mountainous massive, has border with Armenia in South – West and with Georgia in the West and North of the region. Hi Ali Beginning of a beautiful day, and happy days, Hello Ali, In terms of pressures on water resources, the main hot spot is Sotq mine, as well as pressures from communal‐household wastewaters of the settlements, and
from agricultural drainage waters. At a normal water elevation of 777.5 metres (2,551 ft) above sea level, the dam withholds a reservoir of 1.35 cubic kilometres (1,090,000 acre⋅ft) with a surface area of 145 square kilometres (56 sq mi). Best regards, Here, Aras joins the Kura River, and then empties into the Caspian Sea. Four groundwater bodies have been identified in the Quaternary aquifers, of them one is unconfined and three confined (artesian) and three groundwater bodies delineated in Pre-Quaternary aquifers. Hrazdan river basin’s groundwater deposit covers north‐western and western slopes of Geghama ridge. It is wonderful pov with Aras river in the foreground, snowy high mountains in the background and lower mountains between. Map of the Aras River in Afsharieh. The length of the Alazani/Ganikh River is 413 km; the area of the basin is 12,080 km.

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